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I planned of going to the bank to update my accounts. Good thing I remembered it is holiday today, it’s Labor Day. Spent a couple of hours instead pruning my Fukien tea plants and Green dust plants. Much as I want to shape them  in perfect  round, I could not do it. Josef is more of the artist than I am.  Even the weeds around my flowering Vinca have to be removed too. 8 am is already hot so it is always better to start around 5:30 am. Nowadays, the days are longer than nights.

Aside from being a holiday, today is our village fiesta. It is the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker.  Except for a morning mass and a band playing  on our streets, there is not much to it. There are games I think at the gym this afternoon.

I was cleaning up my tab when I noticed that most of the photos saved on my gallery are of Nate and Oreo. I still have to transfer them on my hard disk for safety. Stress-free days are those spent with kids and pets – no deadline, no traffic, no particular time to do scheduled chores. It is always fun when they are around.  You learn something from them too. The value of time is not measured by the minutes or hours spent with them but by the joys and happiness you get out of it. Sometimes when I am in front of my PC like this, I just used my right  hand to type on the keyboard while holding Oreo on my lap. Sometimes, he would step on the keyboard and a long line of a letter appears…haha!



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