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So many acitivities at the Mabini fiesta. So many Mabinians too. Early on, they had this sack race at the town plaza. They are now at the river at the foot of the bridge. The organizers put a long bamboo pole which the participants would cross, then back. It was oiled so it is quite hard for them. A boat is on a standby in case someone falls and they need to be rescued, so far, only one fell at the start of the game. There is the larong lahi too. Hit the pot while blindfolded. So many games, there are more. There is also an inter-barangay basketball tournament at the gym. So nice to watch the fun and enthusiasm of the people.

This is the first time that I saw so many activities and it is only day 2. Last night, they presented all those balikbayans (vacationing from abroad) in their fineries, gowns and barong Tagalog. How lovely! To think that the culmination of these events is not until January 16.

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We our celebrating our town fiesta today in honor of Our Lady of Light.

Yesterday, I went out for a while to buy nuts and apples. Parola near the church is teeming with people from all walks of life. So many merchandise in store from pillow cases, bedsheets, shoes, shirts, dresses, Christmas items for gift-giving and many more. We are also in the middle of celebrating the SUMBINTIK FESTIVAL (suman, bibingka and latik). Cainta is known as the Bibingka Capital of the Philippines. Bibingka is a rice cake cooked in coconut cream and topped with latik.

Those slippers that sell in department stores for three hundred plus cost only a hundred there in Parola. I bought Josef a pair. By the way, there are streets decorated in relation to the festival, sort of a contest. In Tagalog, pagandahan ng dekorasyon. Concerts by famous music groups were also held at the municipal hall grounds. Although some villages like ours are far from the town proper, we celebrate with all Cainteños. HAPPY FIESTA❤️🥰🌷😘


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