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Today is my son’s 36th birthday, a COVID birthday…haha!

Anyway, I was trying to take his yearly birthday photo but he said, his hair is still a little long and he has a moustache so to speak.  I am pretty sure it would be a quiet birthday celebration for the four us. Nissa is still afraid to go out with Nate in tow even with the car. She is susceptible because it was just a little over nine months since she had her major thyroid operation.

I wonder what we’ll have for today considering we don’t have that much food inside the ref. They said they will go out later to get Jovy’s order for lunch. Gone are the days when we used to buy our food supply for two weeks at the wet market. Josef and Jovy just buy what we need every two or three days from the grocery just outside the subdivision’s gate and we order cooked food  from neighbors when I am so lazy to cook. Helping them with their small businesses since the lockdown.

Last night I found this vendor  in our neighborhood selling shorts, boxer shorts, square pants etc so I decided to order some for Josef since I could not go out to buy him a gift.  Haven’t left the house in almost three months.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR Son and Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there.

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