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I just smiled and laughed.

Josef and Jovy left Oreo inside the house with me early this morning but he knew they were planning to visit Jovy’s grandmother.Ā  I could not hold him since he was so restless, he kept on spinning in my arms. I said goodbye when we were outside and he kissed my cheeks. Haha šŸ™‚

When they were pretending to say goodbye to him, he just ignored them looking out at the open gate. He knew of course that they would not leaveĀ  him behind. He is so used to going with them on short trips that sometimes, he is even the first one to ride in the car. They were at the mall early last night and he had his usual walk/exercise.Ā  When they came home, he went to the comfort room and drank lots of water from his plastic cup. Thirsty, haha!

He is usually quiet when it is just us at home.



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We have a new family member. His name is Oreo. He is a half-breed Shih Tzu andĀ  Poodle, a Shih Poo.

As soon as the car was at the garage,Ā Noki was looking at the open door. Then he met the puppy kissing him at the ears. DogsĀ  could smell other dogs a mile long. IĀ  like to think he is just jealous.

asleep in his bed.

He is black but his eyes are dark blue. Oh my, he is so sweet and he is so tiny. I haven’t heard him bark yet. He is just two months old. We’ll celebrate another birthday comeĀ  February 13, 2019.



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Once in a while, our dog Noki shares the limelight…haha!

HeĀ  loves staying in the garden while I am weeding or cutting the grass. You won’t believe this but he watchesĀ  too when the television is on. He likes to sleep under our dining table. At night he would stay for a while inside but when it’s time for bed I let him out of the door. He is a half-breed Japanese Spitz and a Labrador Retriever,Ā  a great family pet.

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