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We were gathered atop the bed. The two were toying with their cellphones. Nissa was looking for sites and hotel, Obet  was updating the apps for his phone.

Nissa said, “I wonder if it is better to go to Hongkong’s Disneyland or to Malaysia’s Legoland on Nate’s birthday”.

I told her, “why don’t you ask your cousin who lives in Singapore”?

“It gives me an idea”, she said.

Eventually, she asked Nate what he prefers, Legoland or Disneyland. he readily answered he likes to go to Legoland. He is fond of Lego toys. He has several sets of them given as gifts. If they book a trip to Singapore, Malaysia’s Legoland is just an hour away and the fare is reasonable. I am pretty sure, Nate would enjoy the latter considering there are lots of amenities too where both adults and kids can enjoy.

Nissa is seriously planning a foreign trip for  Nate’s 7th birthday for November instead of giving a party. He is at that age where he remembers what he did in all the places they’ve been to lately. I guess, he has reached more places in his first six years than I have in the last ten years.

“I’am gonna have a blog”, he seriously said.

I laughed and asked him, “you mean a vlog?”

“The videos Nonna”. Nissa has lots of stored videos in her lovely phone. I told him they need a vlogging camera to take more. He just smiled at me and said, “okay”, as if that is already a given. Kids sometimes take everything for granted, haha 🙂



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Before we went to Sip & Gogh, we spent lunch first  at Sultan Mediterranean Grill at The Podium.  I love what Nissa ordered for the two of us.

Souvlaki Platter


Braised Lamb Shank

The braised lamb was so big it was good enough for two but we finished it all and shared the rice.

We can’t resist to have a souvenir photo at the lobby of The Podium while waiting for my son-in-law to fetch us.

They have a smaller Christmas tree at the entrance with the Christmas countdown.

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He repeatedly said during his homily, “for every success of a man, there is a mother behind”.  It was the essence of Fr. JP’s homily early this morning.  He gave  special blessings to all mothers who attended the mass today.

There was this boy who came home crying. At the gate, his mother asked what happened.  He said that he didn’t want to go to school anymore. His mother assured him that she’ll teach him at home. He was principally educated at home by his mom who was a teacher.  He became a world-famous figure. He was the most prolific inventor in American  history and amassed a record of more than 1,000 patents  in different fields. He is Thomas  Alba Edison.

For every success of a man, there is a mother behind. May I repeat that? For every success of a man, there is a loving mother behind.  She is the one who motivates a child to become someone, she patiently teaches values  and instill those good manners to her children. We seldom see a mom who is not that concerned with her growing up kids. Once you embrace motherhood, I think that’s a given.

Over the years, the celebration of Mother’s Day, just like Christmas has been commercialized. Fancy those department stores brandishing their wares to vulnerable shoppers  during Mother’s Day. Gifts are lovely but of course but it is not only during Mother’s Day that we should show our love for our mothers.  Every day, we have the opportunity to love them and think of them always. We are lucky if we still have our moms around. We are blessed if we could still talk to each other and share important events in our lives. No matter how commercialized the occasion has become, I think most mothers would still want to celebrate it and be recognized in their efforts to care, teach and love their children well.

Greet your moms, it’s their special day today.

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