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They say luck comes in threes. The other day, we witnessed the Regional Trial Court 148 deciding a “no  arrest warrant” for Sen. Sonny Trillanes. And that was good. We rejoiced. The law was upheld.

Yesterday, Facebook (Philippines) closed and deleted around 95 pages and sites of pro-Duterte and Imee  Marcos followers that proliferate FAKE news. They’ve been at it since before the start of the 2016 National Election making up those fake sites, substituting photos to some authentic happenings and events on the net.  I’d like to think  Duterte won because of the hundreds of social media trolls that they engaged in.

Finally, finally, yesterday, Facebook put a stop to it and the DDS warriors (Duterte followers) are up in arms complaining about it. It’s about time. Shaming people on social media  is not a right. Using Facebook is a given privilege to get in touch with other people.  Imagine seeing spliced videos and cropped photos, substituted faces of their “gods” from  legit sites. It was really annoying. Now we can breathe easy those sites were closed. But I hope people would stay vigilant. These DDS I am sure would use legit sites to make ugly and hideous comments to get their message across. There is still Instagram and Twitter. I hope and pray these two sites would do the same, ban all these  pages.

I am wondering what the next thing will be. Those who are against Sen. Trillanes are making all means for him to go back in jail. Why resurrect something that has long been closed because of envy and greed?  Personal vendetta? They should concentrate on catching those big-time drug lords who freely bring in drugs here in our country. And instead of helping the whistle blowers who knew what happened, they removed them from office instead.

Exactly six years ago, I had this pre-birthday celebration with friends at Saisaki in Megamall courtesy of a balikbayan friend that I met at our Catholic page.

In front with me are Fr. Louie Coronel, OP and his mum. Fr. Louie is our chief admin at our Catholic page.

Having old friends around and meeting new ones, what a blessing!


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