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Finding Him Finally

Jovy and Josef cut off their office hours ( they work from home) at around 10am today. Somebody called from the dog pound. They were there yesterday to inquire about Noki.

He is home now. Josef has to bathe him then he had his lunch. Oh my, I cried seeing him again. Thank God.

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He is a mixed breed Japanese Spitz and Labrador Retriever, a gift from my son’s girlfriend.  Yes, it is a “he”  while our Japanese Spitz is a “she”. Although they resemble in color, their legs are vastly different. Kuchi has short legs and fan-like tail while our Noki has chubby and long legs. He is three months old. Now, I wonder how  he’ll look like when he grows a little older because now he is more of a Labrador than a Japanese Spitz. He goes in and out of our screen door as though he owns the place.


NokiI laughed at loud when he saw our full-length bedroom mirror and kissed his image while maybe trying to figure out why there is another dog looking at him. This morning while my son was still asleep, he visited his room and put his two front legs at the side of the bed gently scratching him and trying to  wake him up.

He definitely enjoys running around the garden and playing with our two dogs. I tried taking him out on a leash this morning and he was so curious about his surroundings.  He has a big growl like a Labrador but is so cuddly like  a Japanese Spitz.



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You met her before I know, when she was still  fascinated with our garden, a shy dog that looks at you with adoring eyes,  with  a tail that sweeps the ground when she walks. Last New Year’s Eve, she had the perfect excuse to linger inside the house and explore. She knows she is never allowed to stay long inside.  Our three dogs has a play area near our dirty kitchen and they stay there most of the time unless I spend an hour or two in the garden  where they romp freely to their hearts’ desires.

I took pictures of course, between preparing something for our media noche   and waiting for the strike of 2013.


Actually it’s my son Josef who’s her boss :). You would always know that he’s home when Kuchi won’t stop barking and squeezes her body through the screen door to get inside the house. As she has very short legs, she finds it hard to climb the ledge  of our garage.  Hey look, she was not even aware she was being  photographed.

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