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My blood sugar is still the same, a bit elevated so I have to continue with my medications. My internist gave me a prescription of antibiotics for my UTI. My goodness, almost half of my retirement pay this month went to buying medicines.

I have good news from my ENT. No more ear drops starting tomorrow. I ‘ll get to see her again in a month. She told me, I could now be fitted with hearing aid Maybe I have to wait for two more weeks, that is when I am done with more lab tests as required by my internist. I read somewhere a while ago that once you start using one, your sense of hearing will finally be lost and you would just depend on the hearing aid to understand speech. I hope it is not too late. It is amazing but my right ear could hear well now. As for the left ear which was infected, I could hear faint sounds when I tried the hearing aid my brother left behind.

I have a healthy 126 lbs. weight and it hasn’t increased. Hopefully in the next few months, I’ll be able to maintain it.

Thank God for all Your blessings despite the setbacks. 🙏🙏🙏


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CT Scan

Good morning all!

This would be my first time to undergo CT Scan and I am quite scared. Josef called the Medical City hospital two days ago and the radiology personell said there is no need for scheduling. I hope it’s true, we’ll see later. He has to take a half-day leave to accompany me to the hospital since sometimes I don’t understand conversations because of my hearing problem. Last night my ear was so itchy I wanted to scratch it.

In the past years, I underwent two major operations, kidney bypass, several ultrasounds, countless laboratory tests, chemotherapy, endoscopy, colonoscopy and visits to several specialist doctors, my cardiologist, internist, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, opthalmologist and the latest my ENT. God knows I am getting tired of all these but I have to be brave and strong for my kids, my mom and now especially for Nate. If I don’t have enough faith, I could have given up long ago but I know God is walking with me. The journey is a little rocky. But He is always here holding my hand.

May I ask a short prayer from all my friends here at WordPress? THANK YOU SO MUCH🙂🙏❤

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