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I don’t exactly remember how long I’ve been using my tab since my PC conked out on me. Right now having my own computer is not a priority because most of the time I only use it for my blog and saving photos from my cam. Besides, considering my gargantuan expenses for going back and forth to doctors, it’s not viable at the moment.

When someone comments on my posts, I can manually approve them and like them too but if they comment back again, you won’t see the like button. When I comment on someone’s post, I can click like as well but when they answer my comment, I don’t see it. I used to enlarge paragraph if I need to but the tab doesn’t have it or am I just missing it? All I have or I know how to use are the bold and italics and of course one can change the color but when you have it published, it is always colored yellow.

I miss linking photos in some of my posts where you can choose whether to place on the right, center or left . Using a tab means you only have a choice whether it is hi-res, large or medium, I would have wanted to post them in medium size, but the photo won’t be centered. It is always on the left side.

I no longer see those spam mails that I used to encounter everyday but once in a while legit comments go to spam.

One advantage though of using a tab is you won’t need to boot it and it is convenient when you want to create a blog on the dining table, in the bedroom or while you are cooking. I like it that it has all the emoticons you can always use. I don’t want to experiment on the other symbols because one time I lost a post by clicking one of them.

Are you comfortable using a tab?


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