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I had the opportunity to play with Oreo and Cookie yesterday afternoon. They stayed in my room for a while. As always, Oreo was so noisy barking at the dogs outside. Cookie was so “malambing” and she liked being cuddled. Took some photos of course. Look at the two of them.

Cookie is now so big at one year and eight months. We had three aircon installers yesterday so they had to stay in my room. Josef and Jovy had their old aircon replaced by 1HP split type inverter aircon which was a gift from Jovy’s dad. He also sent money for Max’s hospitalization. It’s the seventh day now that he is sick and he is still at the pet hospital. He does not eat well yet so he has to be supervised by the vet.

I am so worried about my brother. He barely eats and doesn’t have a restful sleep. I again asked Nissa if we could visit him one weekend. We could not bring mom though because for sure if she is there, nobody could take care of her. My sis-in-law is focused on Alden. My mom doesn’t understand our situation. Although we want her to see Alden too, it would be very hard for all of us if she would be left behind there. I do hope one weekend we could visit my brother.


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Yesterday was rainy, today, the sun showed its face. But there is another super typhoon looming and will probably enter the Philippines come Sunday. I am praying it won’t and if ever, it won’t affect Metro Manila. I hate floods. I hate the rain when it pours non-stop.

My air plants are growing nicely. I have them in my bedroom. Early this morning, I put them on the floor where the sun’s rays shown. They had a sun bath for about twenty minutes. It is nice to grow these undemanding plants, you just need to mist them a little every day and immerse them for a bath at least once a week for ten minutes, dry them and put them back to their vases.

Na adik na yata ako sa air plants 🙂 I keep looking at the different varieties online. I still have a vacant rose gold air holder. Maybe I’ll order some Stricta air plant in a few days. Thinking about it….haha!

The two fur babies stayed in my room for a while and I laughed at how Cookie kept looking at our sliding glass doors seeing herself there. When Oreo was little, he did the same thing. Maybe they were both puzzled why there were more dogs like them 🙂 I took shots of them of course, taking so many pictures.

Behaved? Yes they are. Their carers are not around.

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