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It’s one of those  relaxed and lazy days of the week.  I asked Josef if he could accompany me to the newly opened library in our town and he readily agreed. I told him bringing the car was probably a mistake because of the horrendous traffic. Such common daily routine of  everyone ….traffic. He had all his IDs laminated while I waited at the library to talk to their assistants there. There is no licensed librarian yet and most of the volumes on the shelves were donations from the National Library.They have a sizable collection of National Geographic and several children’s story books, various local publications of food mag, travel and leisure. I had a good time chatting with the library assistants and I promised that I would donate some fiction/non-fiction books to add to their shelves. Finally, we have a modern and lovely town library with lots of computers and free wi-fi.Most shelves are still vacant though.




Nissa gifted me with a lovely Zen Mandalas coloring book complete with a  set of Faber-Castell  colored pencils, sharpener and eraser. The designs look so complicated and challenging.  I was happy before having an ordinary coloring book, this one needs a lot of time before you finish a page. Coloring is a stress-buster. Josef  told me early this morning that I could upload Mandala on my tab. Practice, practice, practice. It is so addicting.  The final picture depends on how creative you are in choosing a combination of colors. Here are some photos that I practiced on before we went to the library.

image1image2image3image4image5image6   I  set aside reading again. I can’t wait to start coloring on an actual page.

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Four years ago, I blogged about my niece and her fascination for coloring books. Do you know that coloring books and the time you spend making a magical picture out of the pages are stress-busters too?  A friend of mine  swears that she gets to relax while coloring a picture and being busy with choosing what colors to combine. She suggested that I buy one too but I cannot find something that would suit my desire to color. Either they are too complicated or too simple for my taste which I think are understandable since they are intended for kids, right?  There are times though when just like kids, we want to have a stress-free life and going back to old favorites (when you were five or six) help save the day.

This morning,  Josef and I spent a few hours just relaxing at Eastwood City after visiting St.  Padre Pio Chapel nearby. It would not be complete if we can’t visit a bookstore (that’s a given) so off we went to Books For Less and later at National Book Store.  I found another book by Lincoln Child, an author I discovered a year ago.  Terminal Freeze deals with climate change. I don’t even have to read the whole cover summary to convince me in buying it.  I’ve been reading  e-books for the past month and  it  is a nice change to be able to hold a real one again. The smell of a new book never fails to make me smile.


“I bet, when we reach home, you will start coloring this“, Josef said pointing to the paper bag from National Book Store. I laughed and told him, “You guessed it right”.  You see, I was excited to start.  I actually took a shot of the three pages  that I started coloring. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, they are just simple pictures that probably a seven-year old can color but then it is the thrill of making those pictures more vibrant and lovely that counts. I was even in a quandary whether to use dandelion or apricot for the faces. Back when I was into cross-stitching about a decade ago, I have memorized the chart of colors for the thread that I used. There are as many variations of one color, different shades  on the color wheel.

coloring books

Some relaxing moments – priceless minutes spent coloring.  Why don’t you give it a try? Unleash the child in you once in a while.

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bobicA box of crayons, a pocketful of assorted unsharpened pencils, a half-inch thick  coloring book – what more do you need to pass the time away?

A few months ago, I got the chance again to go home and bond with my  smart, inquisitive and hyperactive five-year old niece Bobic. No picture-taking this time because I didn’t bring my camera with me but we agreed to spend an hour or two after dinner to go over her lessons and color her brand new book. I have nearly forgotten how relaxing, how stress-free and artistic one feels when you are so engrossed in making a dull picture come to life by blending different shades and making  it colorful and beautiful in the eyes of a five-year old child. She was so lavish with her praises when we finished two pages of the book. Lesson No. 1 – simple things mean a lot to a child.

She made me go with her and her Mama to their school one afternoon so I could meet her teacher whom she calls Miss Melanie. She literally dragged me by the hand and introduced me by saying, “teacher, si Tita Arlene”. Well, that afternoon I learned my second lesson from her, kids shine when they are surrounded by their family and loved ones.  I was pleasantly surprised when my brother told me that she could recall every word and sentence in her two short-story books entitled Ang Tikbalang Kung Kabilugan ng Buwan and Mariang Alimango. Through frequent readings and story-telling before she goes to sleep, she was able to memorize every page of the two books. True enough, she even knows the English version although she could not pronounce the words right, she does not know yet how to read that much. Lesson No. 3 – play it by ear and it gets easy the second and third time around.

She keeps a piggy bank because her Papa told her that it would take a lot of money for her to become a doctor so she started asking for coins every time she gets the chance. She is so steadfast in saying that she will be a doctor someday and will treat every one in the family. I was impressed – the wisdom of a child.

And how I wish life is that simple!  How I wish that sometimes, we could see things through the eyes of a child.

Coloring books and crayons – try holding them some time and forget about your worries even just for a little while.

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