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I went grocery shopping early today at a supermarket in our town. All I could manage were two heavy bags of groceries and they’re not complete. I’ll just buy the rest at the grocery store just outside the gate of our village.

The prices of basic commodities have definitely gone up and we could not do anything except close our eyes and buy them. Price of eggs goes up every week. I wonder why. Inflation rate has gone up again last month. It seems the present government is not doing anything, more than a month in office and we don’t see future plans for the economy. Where are we going Philippines?

It is raining again, that kind that takes so long to stop. My rain lilies are blooming. I am including a photo here.


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A few months ago, I blogged about a favorite comfort food – ice cream!  I was on  my way to meet a friend at the University of Santo Tomas this morning when I chanced upon Mang Fidel, UST’s   ice cream vendor since I can remember. Some students were lining up to buy, what else, ice cream in cone. I signalled  one shot and he graciously took a pose. The students clapped and I was rewarded with a smile. Mang Fidel is definitely growing old with the university. And I say, student days would not be complete somehow without Mang Fidel with his ice cream cart.

And eating ice cream is more fun in the Philippines, right?

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You’ll see him every morning, with a broom, a cart and a big dust pan. He nods to those he does not know personally and smile and say good morning to the residents of the village.  He says “yes sir” or  “yes ma’am” if you happen to need his help collecting debris and plastics unscrupulously  thrown by passersby. Even under the heat of the sun, he moves in rhythm with his wand.Sometimes he brings us banana hearts freshly picked from the vacant lots planted with several bananas.  Last year, hubby gave him one of our black puppies  and he has become a friend to us.

To most people, he might just be the man in green, one of our village janitors, but wait, he has a name and he is Mang Marcial.

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