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Perhaps you’ve probably heard and read  several times that the Philippines celebrate the longest Christmas season. As soon as the BER months set in, be sure that you’ll hear Christmas carols played on the radio and not long after that, you’ll see Christmas decorations not only in each home but in department stores as well. And the celebration sometimes even extend to February the following year.

December comes with so much anticipation. It’s the happiest month of the year so far. We are finally done with putting up Christmas decor although it’s not as detailed as the one we had a year ago. For the first time, we haven’t put  up our seven-foot Christmas tree. I am looking for our smaller tree, about two feet long which I used to put atop the console table in our bedroom. I think it would look lovely in one corner of our side tables in the sala.

There is much more to Christmas than just the decor, the food we plan to prepare,  the parties we want to attend, new and old friends we want to meet. There is more than just the twinkling of Christmas lights at your neighbor’s house or the lovely Christmas lantern which you bought in Pampanga. Christmas is a season of hope reborn again, a season of peace and goodwill. The miracle of Christmas time brings us closer as a family and makes us even more aware that it is a very special season for the simple reason that Christ Child is born. Don’t you wish sometime that the season of cheer and joy would be yours throughout the year? Don’t you wish sometime that you would experience that lightness of heart in sharing what you have all year through?

I remember our conversation yesterday with my daughter, Nissa and her friend Marisse while we were watching and listening to the lovely and touching rites of Diaconate Ordination of our close friend. I told them that it’s like getting married too, with all the “I  Do’s” , only this time you’re not saying I do to promise to love and to serve your wife and husband but you are committing yourself to God. You say I do to remain celibate for the sake of the kingdom and in lifelong service to God and mankind. I love the part when the candidates prostrates themselves while the Litany of the Saints was being said.  And the Investiture with  Dalmatic, the presentation of the Book of the Gospels, the Kiss of Peace – the solemn and inspiring celebration itself, it was all so surreal.

Hello December!


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Yeay, it’s cold. Cold mornings are here again signaling the beginning of the BER months. And yes, nights are longer. I posted this on my wall and I was surprised when lots of my friends clicked like.  Are we in the same line of thought perhaps?

Me: I hear the music. They’re playing Christmas songs. Yeay, it makes me wanna dance.

Then Ding, a friend from Cebu replied: A whole lot better than the street waifs carolling sentonado at the gate.

True Ding, I said. Nakakatuwa talaga listening to Christmas songs of old. It’s 82 days to go before Christmas, make that 81 not counting Christmas Day.

Then she said: Your enthusiasm over  Christmas is really contagious.

So I answered back: What’s not to like about Christmas Ding?

Hubby and I hopped to the mall for a while to buy medicine at Mercury Drug. As usual, the trip would not be complete without going to National Book Store and Booksale.  I was amazed to see how the Christmas decor has really evolved over the years. Where can you find Christmas trees in orange, yellow, purple and red? Of course the traditional green still dominates the scene. I was thinking, wouldn’t someone who’ll buy those trees find it hard to decorate such? I mean, what colors would be good on an orange Christmas tree?

I dreamed of buying a Nativity set the past few years but I could not find something made of sturdy materials without shelling out hard-earned peso for it. I had one for a number of years which a friend based in the United States gave me ut what I like is something complete with the animals included. On second thoughts, where would I place them? Our seven-foot tree dominates our sala every Christmas season. Oh, make that for the last season because we have changed the old one last year. Here in our country, it is impractical to buy fresh trees to decorate. In the first place, pines are not usually grown here, and if you ever find something in some stores like Price Smart, they would cost you an arm and a leg. They are that expensive. Besides, Christmas celebration here starts as early as September and ends around February the next year.

And the cold  morning always reminds me of the season. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Time to make your Christmas list. Do your shopping early. Well, some of us would rather brave the Christmas rush, the adrenalin of having to make late-purchases and beat the traffic and the long lines of shoppers inside the malls. That’s Christmas season for you but it’s still an anticipated event.

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For a while there I was looking at the blank screen  with nary a thought in my head. I was thinking earlier of doing a review on Safe Haven, the latest book I’ve read of Nicholas Sparks.  I am not really an addict (for want of a milder word) but I am a fan. I am the kind of reader who won’t seek his latest bestsellers  just for the sake of saying, I have read them all. It’s actually my daughter who started me on collecting his books, she was the one who bought all those paperback editions and gave me as gifts on my birthdays and Christmas. We watched the movie adaptations and enjoyed them all though. Cliche  as it may sound, the book is always better than the movie.

Time flies, too soon and we anticipate another event which has always been  and always will be so important to Filipino families.  Celebrating Christmas here in our country is probably the most joyous season of all.Nowhere else  can you find a place where it is most celebrated the longest, from the early days of September to as late as February of the following year.  Christmas celebration is the only thing  which I always blog the most.  This morning,  Umagang Kay Ganda, a morning show on TV, featured a Santa Claus collection of  someone whose entire third floor is full of different sizes and designs of  it.  There were unusual fork and spoon shaped like Santa, plates, mugs, you name it, he has more than a thousand Santa features.  I wonder how they keep them clean  and all in shape because  they’re displayed all year-long. Christmas is a very meaningful affair because most Filipino families who are apart during the rest of the year gather together during the Christmas season. There’s  nothing more touching than celebrating Jesus’ birth with the whole family. I am doing my Christmas list. It’s not as if I have lots to give gifts to but I just want to make sure that family members, some close relatives and close friends are included in my list.

Will go have a visit at Ibarra’s Garden at Padre Faura St. in Manila. It’s the venue for my daughter’s wedding this coming November.  It will be my first time to visit the place and I am excited since Nissa told me that she likes the ambiance of the place although the food is a little on the expensive side.  Here’s a photo I found at their site. Their brochure says that it is “a classic antique house built in the 1920s inspired with American Art Deco and a quaint garden converted into an ideal place for social and corporate events. The historic ambiance reflects the grandeur of wealth and beauty during the olden period. Now, Ibarra’s Garden is the most sought after venue in the Metropolis having been famed for its mouth-watering approach to International Carte du jour.”

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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I’ve just reviewed my blogs since the start of the Post A Day Challenge last January 2011. Oh my, did I really write those  264 blogs until yesterday? You may call it an obsession but then a day would not be complete without writing one. To date, I have a total of 633 blogs and around 49,824 page views since I started blogging at WordPress last May 2009.

I updated my notes at Facebook by transferring  about five blogs there. Imagine my surprise when my friends started making comments.  I am quite amused that they are so appreciative of even snippets of what I write about.  Isn’t that something that would make one proud, touching  a few souls  here and there?  Thank God for blogging – moments cherished, memories kept, dreams fulfilled  and little things that make everyday a blessing. Thank God for loving friends.

I won’t make this long, suffice to say, we have started the Christmas countdown, beginning today. How exciting!

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