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Nissa casually mentioned that starting this year, she would go on a diet, more like detox just eating fruits and fresh veggies. So I said, “sabay tayo”, not that she needs to, I need it more than she does actually.  We bought the traditional thirteen kinds of round fruits for the dinner table for New Year, kiwis, longan, green and red apples, mangoes, papaya, oranges, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, guava, pears, and chico.

Aside of course from the fiesta like celebration of Christmas and  new year, the gargantuan choices of meat, chicken and what have yous, fruits will always be a part of the preparations that we have.  No fruit salad this time though because I prefer them fresh without the heavy cream and sweet flavor that comes from the canned variety, so I did some kind of a fruit medley.

And Nissa added slivers of cheese to go with the grapes, pears and the small sweet oranges, Hmm, yummy, yummy, yummy!  But then yesterday, we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary so again, we can’t help but prepare a little something for everybody. That little something turned out to be a gallon of dark chocolate ice cream, pork barbeque, roasted chicken,  grilled T-bone steaks, lots of grilled hotdogs to go with the apple vodka which they love and these two boxes of cakes brought home by Nissa and my sister-in-law.

A really sinful dark chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. She had it embossed with a “Happy Anniversary, Mama and Papa” on top but she told us that they got short of the white icing so they used red which could not be seen.  Anyway, dark chocolate is really one of my favorites and I had a serving last night.

Black Forest cake by Goldilocks, it’s a little too sweet for me but well, it adds to the colorful spread on the dining table.  Thanks Mhed, I appreciate the gesture.

This morning, I asked Nissa, “are we still on a diet or just binging our way to added calories and weight gain”?


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Although its been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas”. And so that’s how the song goes, and it’s barely five days to go before Christmas.  Come to think of it, last year, I had posted several blogs about this much awaited event, it’s my favorite time of the year after all. I haven’t been inclined to share my thoughts lately though, a pathetic one or two blogs at the most and some pictures I took at the garden. I’ve been sidetracked by lots of things that need attending here at home. And I am glad that we have finally put up some Christmas decorations to make the house a little bit more welcoming. The kids have been busy too with office parties left and right so there are only the weekends that leave us free.  The hubby is  so engrossed with his vegetable garden and he is really proud of it.  He has converted the small plot outside our perimeter fence into a sort of a bahay kubo sort of garden, planting sweet potato, squash, eggplants, string beans, radish and okra and oh boy, how they are blooming. Interspersed with what was left of my American climbing rose and some dracaena plants, they are eye-catching. I think he is the one who has the green thumb, not me.

Don’t you just love the nippy morning air and the cold long nights of December? I do.  Waking up early makes one savor the silence all around.  It’s this time of the year that I always look forward to, no matter how commercialized the celebration of Christmas has become, it always evokes that nice feeling within.

This year so far was the most eventful one for us. The year started with our family trip to Caleruega followed by an overnight stay in San Antonio, Zambales, where we had the chance to bond with my 94 year old mother-in-law  and see the beauty of the shores of Punta de Uian, Nora’s Beach and take a glimpse of Capones Island. It was sad though that we lost her the following month. To think that we even planned to take her to Anawangin last summer.  It was a life well lived, I know she is happy now with her Maker.Last March,  I met a  a world renowned artist, Manny Baldemor through my good friend and younger brother here at Multiply, Tobbie.  We were starstruck looking at his two unveiled paintings which were converted into cross stitch arts by DMC.  What an experience! Sometime last June, I underwent that much needed colonoscopy followed by several laboratory tests and a resection of my colon the following month of July.  It was a turning point for me, another difficult journey to go through and undergoing six cycles of chemotherapy is really not a piece of cake.  Typhoon Ondoy capped it all, our house got flooded in almost seven feet of muddy waters prompting us to have it renovated, replacing the destroyed cabinets and repainting the whole house.

God touches us in so many ways. Believe in the power of prayers, it  is one thing that we could really do sincerely. Communicating with God through prayers really uplifts the soul.  I remember Fr. Fernando Suarez’ homily in his TV mass this morning. We have the freedom to choose an attitude in any given circumstances.  It is up to us whether to wallow in self-pity or rise up and meet the challenges that life deals us. It’s like looking at a glass half empty or half full. There is hope in everything .  Some close friends have been telling me that it seems as if I haven’t experienced that life changing situation battling with cancer –  the same bubbly attitude,  high-spirited, and still smiling despite the raging storm in my life. My quick answer is, I have lifted everything to God.

Wow, I found lots of old friends at Facebook, some are former officemates at Bank of PI, others are college friends and mostly relatives from all parts of the globe. I had a chat or two with them and it was fun.  And I admit, Facebook is one modern technology that easily allows us to reconnect with friends. I still prefer the kind of interaction I get from my Multiply friends though. Wonderful!  Blogging at WordPress keeps me upbeat,  sharing is one thing that makes life worthwhile and if you could touch somebody out there who needs a little push, then you are fulfilled.  Simple dreams for a simple me.

I would like to greet you all a very merry and blessed Christmas.  I’d like to share this little quote with you:   I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


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