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I finally had our Santan plants infront of the house trimmed and our side fence planted with Snake plants cleaned. I just hired two of the subdivision’s maintenance workers and gave them half of their daily wage for less than a two-hour job.

Our two doggies had their hair trim too last Saturday. I can no longer take a good shot of Oreo so I took a photo of Cookie instead.

She is now twice the size of Oreo. She is better behaved than Oreo.

I had a nice chat with a high school classmate whom I haven’t seen for so many years. We touched on our families, how it is growing old, our high school and college life. It is so nice to reminisce. We had a good laugh remembering.

Done with my 15th book for this year’s book challenge. Lately read two books of Laura Ingall Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie. I remember those late high school and early college days when the whole family watched the series every night on television. I found it on YouTube and watched the early years. So nice to see them all again. I love the books though. Simple prose about family life and living in the wilderness.

I am trying to read another book by Dean Koontz. Hopefully it’s as good as his two books I’ve read before.


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A while ago, I  covered  my new books with plastic including the book I bought for Nate as an additional gift for his 6th birthday. I can’t help but read a few chapters of Stuart Little. I remembered the movie adaptation I’ve seen with my kids years back. Stuart Little is E.B. White’s first book for children.  I laughed at Stuart’s adventures. I hope Nate would love to read this too when he reach that age that he can grasp and understand every sentence in a story.

When Nissa  and Josef were at Nate’s age, I used to buy them books too and exercise pamphlets that would aid them in their studies. I started Nissa with a small journal with lock and key and every year during her birthday  and on some other occasions, I would  buy children’s books that she could share with Josef.  Those Dell books for kids  were certainly a big help to them to appreciate books and reading. We lost all of them when our place got flooded back in 2009.

It’s a thrill to read children’s books  once in a while. You remember the growing up years. You remember the days when you were just learning how to appreciate the written words.

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