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I really admire how the people in all areas of the Philippines are doing their share of fund-raising to help the flood victims in  Eastern Visayas, Palawan and Mindoro. Special thanks go to the nations which sent their financial support and personnel (medical teams) to help the people of the Philippines.

Last Sunday, our town mayor initiated a fund-raising drive to help the flood victims and the wholehearted support from Cainta residents is so touching. We’ve been there and we know how it feels to be victims of a calamity. Typhoon Ondoy did that to us but the destruction it caused can never compare  to the devastation brought by typhoon Yolanda.This morning, Josef and I went to the municipal hall to give a little cash and a box of used clothing that my daughter left behind when she got married two years ago. So proud to be living in a place where our local government is sensitive to the needs of the people. Hats off to you Mayor Atty.Kit Nieto.


IMG_5345Love the clean and new look of our municipal hall.

We have reached the end of the 26 letters of the alphabet and now another tropical depression has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). Gosh, and it will be taking the same path as typhoon Yolanda. I am really praying this would not make a landfall.

And didn’t I say that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way? It can inspire, it can lift people up. When you give, give without counting the cost and give freely from the heart. Give cheerfully because the simple act of kindness gives back a wonderful feeling inside.


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We left the house at 5:20 in the morning. I can’t believe it, when we reached Cainta Junction,  there was a gridlock  and we could not even make a u-turn to go to  Cainta Market.  Hubby said we could stay there the whole day and the traffic won’t even move. We really need to do our marketing today. It’s been three weeks since we visited the wet market so we decided to just go to Taytay (another town in Rizal) to avoid further delay.

Manila Water is laying new pipes along Ortigas Ext. and that was the major cause of the traffic.  Ortigas Avenue serves as the artery connecting the nearby towns of Rizal to Pasig, Mandaluyong, Quezon City and San Juan. Traffic in one are would cause a major stretch of cars and buses along Ortigas Ext.  No wonder,  our place  is always so busy in the morning because most car-owners from Cainta and Taytay take a short-cut instead of passing through Ortigas.

Traffic could ruin one’s morning. This used to be my routine until eleven years ago. I learned to listen to my favorite songs  with ear phone  so I won’t get bored. Praying the rosary while traveling was another option too. You won’t mind the long trip when you are busy doing other things.

And did I say it was really a blessing in disguise  going to Taytay market instead? Cost of commodities are far, far cheaper in Taytay than in Cainta.  It took us almost two hours though to navigate the wet market since we were not familiar with the place. I found a fish vendor selling different kinds of fish at a flat rate of P160.oo a kilo.  You can mix your purchase on any kind of fish you want. It was a delight  to find that the cost of  newly dressed chicken was cheaper by P10.00 and pork meat was cheaper by P10.00 compared to Cainta prices.  Cost of vegetables are also cheaper although I was disappointed that they didn’t have lettuce and fresh mushroom. In Cainta, they carry vegetables which are not in season.  When you have a suki  (someone  from whom you buy your supplies), you are assured of fresh produce and safe weighing scale. Some vendors  are not so honest when it comes to weighing what you buy. We’ll definitely come back here one of these days, although the place is farther than where we usually do our weekly marketing.

What a busy morning and I missed watching Kris TV. They featured the lovely Sonya’s Garden and Kuh Ledesma’s Hacienda Isabella. I’ve long been wanting to go to Sonya’s Garden.  One of these days, if I get the chance to visit Tagaytay again, we’ll try to see Sonya’s Garden.

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