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My tab does not charge well, it takes almost a day before it is fully charged. Josef tried it on his charger it was okay. This morning, I have decided that I will buy a new tab. We’ll see tomorrow.

I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone and was even able to open my other blog in another e-mail. When I closed it though, I could no longer access it. As my main blog is always open, it is easier to see it. I am experimenting this on my CP now.

I found 16 unanswered valid comments, don’t know what happened. I answered 8 but could no longer see the others. So really sorry. There was a long one, about cancer but I could not retrieve it now. Sad.


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How I Wish….

This is really annoying. Perhaps you are also familiar with my other blog called Dreams Never End which I created through another e-mail address separate from the four blogs I have linked to Dreams and Escapes just in case my free alloted space gets full.

Now here is the problem. I could visit the site when I am not logged in but when I log in, WordPress directs me to create a new blog. I have more than a hundred posts there each with a photo. What is happening? I want to access the site so I could update it. Gosh, WordPress is creating a problem left and right.

Could someone help please?

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