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Hello, Help Please

There is this gal by the name of Caissa Mae Ramirez who recently followed me. When I tried to view her site, it’s my blog Dreams and Escapes that appears.

Her site is http://caissayap.wordpress.com

Google says that: a secure URL should begin with “https” rather than “http”. The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that the site is using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. This lets you know that all your communication and data is encrypted as it passes from your browser to the website’s server”.

Any take on this friends? For those of you who are so good on how “www” works? Will my blog be compromised? Thank you!


Viewed it again, WordPress says the blog now doesn’t exist. But I just checked a while ago, it is still there.


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It’s those moments when they just click follow but they don’t engage – no likes, no comments. I have a mind to say maybe some bloggers think that you’ll follow them back which is not always the case.

I love seeing “likes” on my posts. It means either they actually read your post or just scanned it for a few seconds. A friend once told me on FB that when she click “like” on my wall about something I wrote, she is saying that she has read it or telling me that she is there. Normally, she would come back and comment later.

I have close to 5,000 followers but I only get 15 to 30 likes on the average. I am lucky if at least ten of them would make a comment on a post. Back in my early years blogging when I participated once in WordPress’ challenge of blogging every day, there were so many comments and likes. Maybe I have exhausted thinking about contents that are still worth- reading. I have around 4,000 posts more or less because I keep five blogs. I have one for photography loving the macro shots I did, I have started one too when my grandson Nate was born in 2012, a gardening blog which I update now and then and a new one I started three years ago but I don ‘t know what happened, I could not access it anymore although I can still see those earlier posts I made with photos in every post when I am not logged in to it. And of course, this main blog, Dreams and Escapes. I am almost at the end of this free theme and platform. You could all find the links when you visit my blog. A lot of us do get updated on our reader feed without going to the blog itself.

I follow close to a hundred bloggers but most of them are no longer active and I miss their posts. Maybe they got tired of blogging?

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I was reviewing some of my old posts back in 2014 when likes and comments were quite nil. Most of you who are now regular followers and commenters at my site were not yet in the picture.

I have been blogging for so long now, 12 years more or less that sometimes I think I have written about every subject close to my heart. There were only two challenges I participated in which were initiated by WordPress, the 2011 Post A Day Challenge and the Weekly Photo Challenge around 2014 or thereafter. I enjoyed both, finishing more than 365 posts in one year. Those were real challenges indeed. I was new to blogging and I was inspired. I kept saying that when you blog everyday, everything comes easy. WordPress encouraged me when they would say a few words after every blog – that was where I encountered the words beautiful, fascinating, inspiring, keep it up and such. Then you would see how many posts you have done. That was why I was so proud when I reached my 1,000th post and blogged about it. I wonder where my badge got to. In Dreams and Escapes alone, I now have 3,209 posts including this one.

When they introduced Weekly Photo Challenge, I got more excited. It was my chance to share pictures I took on my Canon camera. They were all in high resolution shots. I didn’t realize that they ate up most of my limited free space so I created another mostly for photos and one about gardening. When Nate was born, I made a separate one for him too.


Some close friends are urging me to compile those inspirational ones into a book. Just thinking of it is hard enough. I found two venues though when I got appointed to be one of the admins of two private Catholic groups at Facebook. I post mostly morning thoughts and my own prayers which I wrote here years ago. That is fulfilling for me, I gained more friends in the process. That is why, I am reviewing my old posts and taking note of the titles and date published so I could go back when I decide to share them.

I’ve always said that if you could touch one soul out there through your writings, then it would be enough.

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It’s  Black Saturday, the last day of the Holy Week. I know, I know I am not supposed to rant but allow me to just say a few words.

Sometimes I encounter blogs who re-blog posts from my site but some are polite enough to say hi and ask permission to re-blog. When you meet a blogger who just re-blog your post  with nary a  word, what would you think of it? I visited the site of this guy,  the few posts I’ve seen are various re-blogs from other bloggers.  I get annoyed encountering something like this. I am not saying that I am that good for some people to re-blog my posts but what is annoying is knowing that the content of one’s blog is based on the efforts of others. Crazy.  isn’t it? Except for updating the Discussion settings here blocking such people, I don’t know of other ways to prevent this.

I have a few spam mails on my spam folder and when I took a look, it is from the same person who just wrote her blog address on some of my friends’ comments. She only has two followers, definitely a new blogger  but if she thinks that she could  attract more followers this way, it is a big NO.  And it is annoying too.

I know  WordPress is a public platform unless you make your blog private, for your eyes only so to speak.  One can’t really avoid having your contents stolen in cyberspace.  It happened to me before.  For one thing, if one does not have enough material to support a post,  why blog at all at the expense of other people? One has to make an effort to write, right?

Sorry guys, I just have to get this off my chest 😦


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