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You might be wondering why I am blogging about Christmas when it is not even in the middle of March …yet! Honestly, I was overcome with joy when my daughter Nissa who got married last November 2011 texted me this:

“Ma, ready na ba kayong maging lola?”

For my readers who don’t speak Tagalog, she simply asked if I am ready to be a grandma. I was speechless! Having a new baby in the family is the most welcome thing that could happen to us. I wish it were November now because I am more excited to see the newest member of the family.  My friends at AFCC gladly contributed to the game where Fr. Louie, one of my co-admins asked how I want to be addressed when such a day arrives. Lola is the Tagalog term for grandma. Another priest friend, Fr. Boy who is based in Italy said that Nona sounds elegant, then they started calling me Nona Arlene. Nona is of course another term for grandma in Italian. Some suggested Mamita (gosh, it sounds like a strict old grandma 🙂  Others want the age-old endearment of Nanay.

Anyway, I am really counting the days till November 8. It’s a fulfillment of a dream. THANK YOU LORD for all these blessings.

And this happens to be my 845th post. Lovely!

Goal of 845 Posts Completed. Congratulations!



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