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Since I cannot accommodate all the photos Nissa and I took yesterday, I am posting only four here.

My 65th pink birthday pic.
We had lots of food. We even forgot the array of sweet desserts from one of the best stores of kakanin here in Cainta.
My wish? Good health always for the family.
One of the best gifts I received yesterday. Nate’s homemade greeting card. The front is full of cut-out paper flowers.

I was surprised, Nissa and Obet came by to greet me and we had lunch together. They went on leave from work for a day for my birthday. Sad though that Nate was left at home but we had a one-minute chat via Messenger.

Got hundreds of greetings from my friends and relatives on Facebook. Oh, they are still coming and all I did yesterday afternoon until late last night was to answer them all.

It was a lovely celebration. Thank God for all the blessings.


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Gosh, I am having an LSS and it goes like this.

“We’re not alone, we’ve got the world you know
And it won’t let us down
And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow
There’s more you know,
It’s only New Year’s eve”.

Yes, since a friend greeted me once happy new year instead of happy birthday, I always consider the succeeding birthdays as new years in my life.

My goodness, this is another pandemic birthday. Tomorrow I will be turning 65. How did the year go? It was quiet, so quiet but I am not complaining because I was able to catch up on my gardening, reading (another favorite pastime), updating our Catholic page and two groups here on FB, updating my blogs (yes, I have several of them) and attending daily masses online despite the limitations of not being able to go out. I don’t experiment in the kitchen anymore because most of the time, I feel so lazy to cook so we order food online. Besides, I am afraid to go out because of the low immunity I have due to cancer eleven years ago. For the past years, face masks were always a part of my get-up every time I went out.

THANK YOU LORD for all the blessings, for this beautiful life You gave me. Grateful for another new year in my life.

Yes, tomorrow, I’m turning 65.

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I have wanted to blog at the start of the month but laziness prevailed again. Haven’t been here the last four days I think. Don’t get me wrong, I was just too lazy to write. Sometimes, you lose your muse and and forget what is to write about.

I am mostly at the garden but every day, it rains at unexpected moments. I couldn’t seem to finish uprooting weeds and I have yet to start pruning the carabao grass. Gardening is a job of the hardworkingūü§£ūüėÖūüėā. And I am not one lately.

The weather here makes one lazy. I am looking forward to this month though because finally, it is my birth month. Can’t wait for the 27th. There is something about birthdays that makes one wishful, nostalgic and you remember the days of old, when you were so excited to face and dream of big dreams to happen. Then as the days go by, you finally realize that not all those big dreams come true. That one does not travel in a straight path but there are barriers you have to face. Birthdays also make us realize that we’re not just adding years to our lives but we are also growing. Hope should not be set aside because as long as we are alive, there is always hope.

It’s been two years now that we haven’t celebrated Nissa’s birthday together because of this pandemic. Good thing there is always the reliable Messenger to get us through and the ever ready Grab drivers to bring and deliver food and our gifts. We celebrated too even if there were just the four of us at home. Maybe, when Nate’s birthday and my birthday come, they’ll be most likely repeats.

The whole afternoon, I was looking for Christmas gifts for the family at Lazada. There is nothing yet except filling my cart with possible gifts and ordering gift tags and twenty five pieces of Christmas wrapper.

What did I say? It’s 83 days to go before ChristmasūüćÄūüĆ≤‚ėė

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I did enjoy it.

Though it was just a simple lunch with my kids, Mommy and Jovy. I wish I could upload my birthday video here which Nissa took yesterday. I am sharing some photos instead.

Ah Oreo, you are part of the family


With Mom, she’s 90 years old.


Our group photo sans Jovy.


The boy with the missing tooth.


Josef and Jovy with Oreo of course.

Since pets are not allowed inside the restaurant, one of the waiters fixed our tables just outside the door.

Oh and yes, Nissa brought home a bagful of gifts some of which were given by my niece Liza.

I have refrigerator magnets and key rings again with lots of chocolates, a lovely blouse, condiments for Singaporean dishes,a big bottle of Neutrogena facial wash, Hainanese Kaya Spread With honey. Kaya is a sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk, eggs, and are flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with honey, Laksa and Tom Yam noodles.

And the highlight of course is purchasing a brand new Samsung phone, Samsung a20s which was newly launched last September 2019. ¬†And I won’t have to add a memory card. It has a 64 GB memory /4GB RAM. a triple camera (13MP, 8MP and 5MP)…lovely

Samsung A20S

It is always a joy to spend an important occasion with the family no matter how simple it is.

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They say luck comes in threes. The other day, we witnessed the Regional Trial Court 148 deciding a “no¬† arrest warrant” for Sen. Sonny Trillanes. And that was good. We rejoiced. The law was upheld.

Yesterday, Facebook (Philippines) closed and deleted around 95 pages and sites of pro-Duterte and Imee¬† Marcos followers that proliferate FAKE news. They’ve been at it since before the start of the 2016 National Election making up those fake sites, substituting photos to some authentic happenings and events on the net.¬† I’d like to think¬† Duterte won because of the hundreds of social media trolls that they engaged in.

Finally, finally, yesterday, Facebook put a stop to it and the DDS warriors (Duterte followers) are up in arms complaining about it. It’s about time. Shaming people on social media¬† is not a right. Using Facebook is a given privilege to get in touch with other people.¬† Imagine seeing spliced videos and cropped photos, substituted faces of their “gods” from¬† legit sites. It was really annoying. Now we can breathe easy those sites were closed. But I hope people would stay vigilant. These DDS I am sure would use legit sites to make ugly and hideous comments to get their message across. There is still Instagram and Twitter. I hope and pray these two sites would do the same, ban all these¬† pages.

I am wondering what the next thing will be. Those who are against Sen. Trillanes are making all means for him to go back in jail. Why resurrect something that has long been closed because of envy and greed?  Personal vendetta? They should concentrate on catching those big-time drug lords who freely bring in drugs here in our country. And instead of helping the whistle blowers who knew what happened, they removed them from office instead.

Exactly six years ago, I had this pre-birthday celebration with friends at Saisaki in Megamall courtesy of a balikbayan friend that I met at our Catholic page.

In front with me are Fr. Louie Coronel, OP and his mum. Fr. Louie is our chief admin at our Catholic page.

Having old friends around and meeting new ones, what a blessing!

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Ah, what a busy, busy morning.

I started gardening again before the carabao grass grows¬† too long and would be hard to trim. Thunderstorms are a daily occurrence now (well, almost). After all the rainy season has set in. I love when it rains and I don’t have to water the plants but I don’t look forward to the rainy days.¬† I hate typhoons and continuous rains. In our country,¬† they are inevitable though.¬† I am just praying there would no more strong south winds (habagat)¬† that would bring flash floods and rainy days.

We had a simple lunch yesterday at  Kuya J.  It is not really that high-end but the food was okay.  Would love to try their other recipes someday.

The birthday boy was busy. He and his girlfriend had a seminar at Uber¬† in the afternoon.¬† Next would be at Grab. The traditional taxis/cabs¬† here nowadays are getting a little unpopular.¬† Some smell and they are even expensive. Uber and Grab entered the scene a few years ago, they are now slowly dominating the market. You can’t sign up though if you have your car older than the year 2016.¬† With¬† Uber and Grab, you’ll know how much you would pay beforehand.¬† Peak hours are quite expensive though.¬† For group rides with fixed destinations, you can always use AUVs.¬† The fare is way¬† cheaper than the sedans used by Uber and Grab.¬† Buses and jeepneys here are the traditional alternatives in public commuting. Trains like the LRT and MRT¬† always break down. They are not properly maintained.¬† I don’t always go out long distances and commute. Malls and supermarkets are everywhere.¬† The recently opened SM East Ortigas mall is so near our place. You just have to take a tricycle ride¬† then take a walk for about five or ten minutes to get there.

Still enjoying social media despite the ugly and bad news every day.  One just got to be vigilant always. What about you guys?


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Back in 2013, October 27 to be exact, I made a blog post saying thank you for all the blessings God gave me the past years of my life. It remained my most read post until now. I am just grateful for all those blogger friends who read, liked and posted comments  on that post. It is nice to be remembered too because it was your birthday.  I am also grateful for all those times other bloggers paid a visit to my humble blog, thank you.

Birthdays are special, don’t you think? You remember and celebrate the day you came into this world and saw the light of day.¬† You celebrate with your family and friends no matter how simple the celebration is.¬† You remember fond memories of earlier and other birthdays in your life. I turned sixty last October 27, 2016 finally becoming and officially being called a senior citizen. I need not blog about the perks we have as seniors here because I wrote about them earlier on if I remember. It’s nice to be called a senior in almost all business establishments that you go to. The downside of it is that these are those times when you also feel those aches and pains of getting older. The plus side of course is you get to be a lot wiser too ( I suppose).¬† You also enjoy the gift of family and grand kids if you have some. We were blessed with Nate one November morning four years ago. He is growing up to be a very smart kid.

By the way, I’d like to greet a good friend here, Pete Johnson who has followed me for a couple of years I guess. He never fails to appreciate and comment on almost all of my posts since then. It is his birthday today, this blog post¬† is also¬† for him. You can find his blog aptly called beetleypete here.¬†¬† He has a sizable number of followers and often blog about his dog Ollie. I am sure you would also enjoy reading his posts. If you are reading this Pete, I’d like to wish you a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.¬† Go easy on the sweets though, we are not getting any younger.

It’s another year to be thankful for.

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It’s my son’s 28th birthday tomorrow.¬† How time flies! And I am getting old. Well, age is just a number, so they say, what matters is how you’ve lived your life and how you’ve brought¬† up your kids in the best way you dreamed of.¬† I am so lucky and blessed to have them in my life, I could not ask for more!

Welcome to another amazing year of your life…

Cherish the moments, chase the dreams

I am always here for you



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