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Early this morning, I received a bag of groceries and an umbrella from our town mayor, Mayor Elen Nieto, wife of our former mayor.

It was a nice surprise. Last year, I had to go to the municipal office to get it, this time, two of their staff delivered it. THANK YOU so much.

I love that cute coin purse, a change from the one I had last year. It is nice to be remembered.

I have lots of umbrellas now, sent some to my sis-in-law and cousins in the province. Every year, an umbrella is included in their gifts 📦.


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A friend, a former classmate in high school just sent me a lovely pic collage and beautiful words of greeting. Amazing🙂 Thanks Bechay.

I agree that the more we face life’s challenges, the more we become stronger. Birthdays are not just the number of years beside your name, they speak of experience. We don’t only grow older, we become wiser through the years. And sometimes you wish it is your birthday every day, an opportunity to read those inspiring and wonderful words of greeting. The beauty of reaching out even without face-to-face contact.

And Facebook seems to be your online diary. I limit it to about 400 plus friends and I don’t post publicly. And there are limits to sharing your world with them, I don’t publicly complain of life’s struggles but I have chosen friends who understand and empathize. Isn’t that great? I don’t always see them personally though. I have a friend who’s been one for almost five decades now. He migrated along with his family to the US several years ago. We keep in touch from time to time and celebrate new beginnings and triumphs. Lovely to be remembered.

Fr. Lovell sent me a lovely message via text. Inspiring words. He is busy with his ministry and graduate studies. When you see these words like, keep safe, ingat, more blessings, God bless, doesn’t your heart jumps with joy?


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Gosh, I am having an LSS and it goes like this.

“We’re not alone, we’ve got the world you know
And it won’t let us down
And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow
There’s more you know,
It’s only New Year’s eve”.

Yes, since a friend greeted me once happy new year instead of happy birthday, I always consider the succeeding birthdays as new years in my life.

My goodness, this is another pandemic birthday. Tomorrow I will be turning 65. How did the year go? It was quiet, so quiet but I am not complaining because I was able to catch up on my gardening, reading (another favorite pastime), updating our Catholic page and two groups here on FB, updating my blogs (yes, I have several of them) and attending daily masses online despite the limitations of not being able to go out. I don’t experiment in the kitchen anymore because most of the time, I feel so lazy to cook so we order food online. Besides, I am afraid to go out because of the low immunity I have due to cancer eleven years ago. For the past years, face masks were always a part of my get-up every time I went out.

THANK YOU LORD for all the blessings, for this beautiful life You gave me. Grateful for another new year in my life.

Yes, tomorrow, I’m turning 65.

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Another year, another birthday. You have so many reasons to be grateful.

Wishing you the most important things in life – health, peace, love and happiness.

We are both survivors anak and we are still here, standing tall. THANK GOD.

A blessed and happy birthday NISSA🌺🌻🌼🎂🥂

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It’s my daughter’s  birthday today. Called her up earlier, she was on leave from work.  Funny how one feels about our kids’ birthdays. I remember the time I gave birth to her after staying in the hospital for more than a month. Almost on my 7th month, I had pre-eclampsia  so I had to be confined at the hospital. During my 8th month, my OB Gyne decided to induce the  birth since there was a fifty-fifty chance for us both to survive. She weighed 3.9 lbs. when she was born and was left at the hospital more than a month  after.  We took her home when she was about 4.1 lbs.

Feeling nostalgic remembering that day we were gifted with a tiny baby. God is so good. It’s been 35 years.

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Today I celebrate the gift of life with you. May you always be blessed. I love you so much anak!

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It’s my birthday today. And they always say, don’t count the years but the blessings that come into your life, but saying thank you is not enough.

For the times that I felt so happy, thank you.

For the days that my kids showed how much I am loved, thank you.

For those moments bonding with my little Nate and making me feel so blessed with his presence, thank you.

For my family, who’ve been so supportive of me through rough times, thank you.

For  my dear friends whose presence in my life are blessed gifts, thank you.

For the people I’ve met  along the way and blessed me with their smiles, thank you.

For lessons learned and moments cherished, thank you.

For the hard times that I felt like giving up but managed to stay sane, thank you.

For the times I laughed and cried, thank you.

But above all, THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD for the gift of life, it’s another year to be thankful for.

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It’s my son’s 28th birthday tomorrow.  How time flies! And I am getting old. Well, age is just a number, so they say, what matters is how you’ve lived your life and how you’ve brought  up your kids in the best way you dreamed of.  I am so lucky and blessed to have them in my life, I could not ask for more!

Welcome to another amazing year of your life…

Cherish the moments, chase the dreams

I am always here for you



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Don’t be fooled by the blog title, that reads, it’s the day or night before my birthday, whichever part of the globe you are right now.  Anyway, what I mean is , I consider birthdays as new years in our lives because we begin counting another year right on our birthday. What could be more fitting than to celebrate birthdays anticipating another fruitful, blessed and happy and joyous  year ahead.

I’ve received lovely thoughts and greetings from my friends at Facebook, some say they could not wait to greet me, hence the advance birthday wishes. They made me teary-eyed and made my heart swell with joy and pride that these people remember an important day for me. Why do I get a little sentimental and nostalgic for every birthday in my life? This morning, my mom was singing happy birthday while pushing a P500.00 peso bill in my hands. I laughed and she said, “buy a cake and blow  a candle tomorrow.”  I guess I am too old blowing candles and making wishes, but yes, they do make the occasion happier. Can I celebrate it without spending time in the kitchen and laboring over the hot stove to prepare a birthday dinner?  My kids always ask the same question every year, “What’s for birthday dinner Ma?” I don’t want to disappoint them so no matter how I sometimes loath cooking on my special day, I have to prepare something for the whole family.

Nissa told me to attend the book signing of Nicholas Sparks at The Podium on the 28th of October. If you regularly read my blogs, I said earlier that I saw his latest book which will be launched  on that day and he is here in the Philippines for the book signing. Nissa said she’ll buy the book and I have to be there earlier than those who will be qualified to attend (you see, if you buy a copy, you’ll be given a raffle coupon and will have the chance to be counted  for the 650 fifty guests for the book signing). But if you’re there early, you’ll also have the chance to get in without the winning raffle ticket in your hand. Frankly though, I don’t relish the idea of waiting for five hours just to have a book signed, if it’s Richard Paul Evans, I probably would. Nissa bought all my books of Nicholas Sparks and gave them to me as birthday gifts or as Christmas gifts. I am blessed to have a daughter who is a bookworm like me because I won’t need to say, buy that book for me since she herself collects certain authors that I like. It’s one thing we do appreciate doing together, buying and hoarding books.

A few more hours to go before I’ll be officially turning 55. Ancient? Maybe. I don’t feel my age  though because I don’t think of it as getting older. Getting wiser would be more like it.

So it’s new year’s eve…another year to remember and another year to look forward to. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have continuously bestowed on me and my family.

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