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A good friend and a neighbor messaged me yesterday and asked if I have already submitted the new data form for senior citizens. She gave me a link and asked me if I could drop by our village’s senior citizens building and get a form to fill up. When I reached the place, there were so many people outside and I asked her why. She told me they are getting their social pension for the past three months.

Back in April last year, I applied for a new senior citizen’s card for mom here in our place because she doesn’t have benefits there in the province and all because she is a survivor pensioner which started when dad died. Every birthday here, a senior gets some groceries and an umbrella. When I read about the national social pension for those aged 80 and above, I decided to apply for her. The mayor in our town endorsed the cancellation of her senior citizen’s ID. I applied for social pension only last December here in Cainta. I didn’t expect that she will be included soon but our neighbor (she is the secretary of the SCs here in our village )checked the list and found mom’s name and asked me to go back and secure an application in lieu of mom. Since she can no longer write, a thumb mark was okay. I have to submit xerox of her SC ID and mine. I was surprised when they gave a full year benefit in her name. For some people, the amount of 6k might be too small but it is a blessing for us. It could buy at least a full grocery cart.

It is a blessing indeed. Hereon, they give benefits to the most senior members of our country every year (80 and above) and when one reaches the age of 100, they ģive P100,000.00 benefits to survivors but of course that seldom happens nowadays.

Since they no longer have a copy of the forms for the new data update, I filled up two applications online and submitted them yesterday with the help of Josef.


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