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This is pretty crazy. I use a tab and two cellphones but aside from texting and calling contacts, occasionally taking photos from my tab, importing books  and reading, I am not much of a techie.

Last night, my son changed the SD card of my tab to a more substantial capacity and reformatted everything, copying my books  and photos.  There are so many  pre-installed apps that I don’t actually use but they go with the tab so I cannot delete them.  He was able to retrieve even the books I read before. I guess they just need to be there again for future reading.  It even has  pre-installed  phone numbers of various institutions like banks, police, civil defense, blood banks etc.   The only things that were automatically erased were the previous texts I had.

I  also changed my  wallpaper with a close-up picture of Nate.  I am getting excited to take more photos. I don’t have a new camera yet, I still have to look for a reasonably  priced one but good enough for everyday pictures.

This morning  I tried taking a photo of  the hydrangea I bought a month  ago. It used to have blue flowers when I bought it but I changed the pot to a bigger one and added more soil.

A pink hydrangea

I was surprised. the flowers are pink now. Did you know that the color of the hydrangea flowers change depending on the pH of the soil used?  In strongly acid soil (pH below 6), flowers turn blue. In alkaline soil (pH above 7), flowers turn pink or even red. I always love hydrangea. Locally it is known as million flowers.


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