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Our so unreliable internet connection was a blessing in disguise last night.  I was able to learn how to make rosaries.  My son Josef jokingly remarked that  he will do the marketing if we ever decide to sell those we have made.  Well, I told him, why not give us some capital to make a go of this. Swarovski crystals are a little expensive and you can only make one rosary out of one string. Anyway, Nissa finally finished the cords  she made last night. We started on different colors but I like the Hematite beads best since they are so easy to make into rosaries.  I took some pictures of our actual projects  but I could not even edit them since I am using a borrowed computer. All my program files for my Canon Ixus are in my old PC.

Come to think of it, I was able to finish four rosaries last night and made three early this morning. Even my observant son was able to make two.  How’s that again? Now, I know how to make rosaries, yehey!


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