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If you’re reading this I would love to thank you  from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and likes to my posts. It is so amazing to know that you find something interesting here. I learned that sharing one’s stories takes more courage than I expect  but the good feeling that you have touched someone lingers longer than the next post.

I tried taking a screen shot of my blog stats. You are part of it. Thank you.






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I got the highest stats  on my dashboard yesterday for this month so far and I can’t resist  taking  a screen shot of where they are coming from. The Philippines of course is on the top rank.



Got a total of  502 views yesterday with 314 visitors. How nice, I am quite inspired! Thank you all for visiting my blog.

21 January 2013 7:15am

I really think I need to correct this because the biggest number of views and visitors so far was last January 19 with 728 views and 500 visitors. Thank God for blogging!

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