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Today is the eve of the much-awaited Christmas day. Though our Noche Buena would be simple this time, I still look forward to twelve midnight where we share and rejoice in Jesus’ coming. I have given my gifts to mom and the kids. Let us not forget why we celebrate CHRISTmas.

It is also the 9th morning of the dawn masses but I finished Simbang Gabi last night. Two of my favorite priests had concelebrated mass last night. Fr. Pao delivered a touching and a very inspiring homily which reminds me, I love to share it on my wall so I could listen to it time and again.

Yesterday, we had Christmas lunch with Nissa’s family. I just cooked carbonara pasta and we ordered the rest online – 2 roasted chicken, grilled pork liempo and bangus. Had two flavors of ice cream for dessert. We exchanged gifts and Nissa gave me a set of bedsheet, table cloth and table runner plus a box of tea infusion from Marks and Spencer with matching tea biscuits. They also brought with them an umbrella and a broom from Baguio. Nate was so happy with his Christmas gifts, I also gave him cash for his birthday last month. Although they didn’t stay long, it was a lovely reunion. They watched Eraserheads concert the previous night and came home late so they were sleepy. Eraserheads is a famous local band in the country. Nissa told me that even if the tickets were so expensive, it was all worth it.

Come to think of it, we didn’t have picture-taking except for the two shots I took while we were praying before lunch.

Oh, my order of lumpiang shanghai has just been delivered.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone❤🌲🥂🎄🎁


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I was browsing the Memories app at Facebook when I saw this lovely image of our front garden several years ago. Those Pandakaki plants with tiny white flowers gave up on us but was replaced by Scarlet bush, Shanghai beauty and Kamuning. The Koi fish at the pond got lost during a flood. Our carabao grass are a little sparse now but all the plants have grown tall.

For the first time in more than two years, Josef and I went to the wet market to buy some necessities for Christmas Eve. I am planning to cook at least two recipes and the rest I ordered online. I don’t know when Nissa’s family would be coming over if it is on the 23rd or 24th of December. She hasn’t confirmed it yet. My gifts for mom and the kids are ready now. It’s about three days and thirteen hours to go before Christmas according to the Christmas clock.

It rains every day now and the sun is barely showing it’s face. I hope I could finish trimming the Fukien tea plants before Christmas day.

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For the first time, I joined the Christmas party of senior citizens at our village. Our municipal administrator who was our former mayor Atty. Kit Nieto together with our vice-mayor Ace Servillion joined us in the celebration. They gave cash gifts to those chosen randomly on the list of attendees. I won a box of bibingka, a rice cake which is the specialty of our town. They also distributed groceries to all seniors who attended. I didn’t stay long, went home after lunch. I gave the raffle tickets to our neighbor who is one of the officers of the seniors. What good luck! Mom and I won. I also received a gift from my online suki when I bought a gallon of dishwashing liquid yesterday. It is indeed a blessing to be remembered.

Been to my ENT and she changed my otic drops. She cleaned my ears again after noticing dried blood in the outer layer of my ear. Maybe that’s why two days ago, my right ear was so painful the whole day. I’ll be back on Thursday for another check-up. Hoping it would be the last with my ENT.

It’s eleven days to go before Christmas. Today is December 14.

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