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It’s the end of the month and what could be more exciting than finding something that would make you smile from ear to ear and like a child who has just received a new toy, you can’t believe your luck. It’s  a plain case of finding when you’re not looking (gosh, what am I saying). It’s the excitement talking here so indulge me if I talk like a ten-year-old.

My son and I went to the mall after having the car cleaned at the car wash shop near our place. I was only supposed to go to the bank,  and withdraw some money from one of those satellite branches of Bank of the Philippine Island, the bank  where I used to work.  I do all my transactions online, paying bills and transferring funds via my computer but I need cash and after two attempts and lining up for several minutes, the machine rejected my ATM card. Good thing, the small branch was already opened so I applied for a card replacement and had a chat with their manager when they asked me to present an ID. And all I had in my wallet was my expired alumni ID and my old, old BPI  ID which I kept for remembrance.

I bought a loaf of bread and  looked at the display of chocolates, some are locally made ones and several unknown imported brands, then I spotted these familiar green wrappers of Andes Mints. It’s been years since I tasted this melt-in the mouth goodness because I couldn’t find them in any supermarket every time I do the groceries. Wow!  My head says “greedy” but my heart says “go,go Arlene, indulge.” I was planning to buy at least five packs, on second thoughts, what if it does not taste as good as it was several years ago, so I settled for two, a Creme de Menthe Thins which contains bite-sized layer of mint-green cream sandwiched between two layers of chocolate and a pack of Mint Parfait ThinsI told you, I am not greedy but I want to go back to Ever Gotesco Mall to buy more.  A pack has 28 pieces of foil-wrapped mint chocolate that is a bit smaller than a domino but packed with extremely refreshing and delicious chocolate inside.  Here’s the Andes story if you are interested to know how Andes mints came about.

Maybe some of you are not familiar with it preferring the more popular brand of chocolates in the market. But Andes mints for me speak of childhood, a welcome treat from long ago days when chocolates were some sort of luxury for us kids.  Of course, I still have my favorite brands  like Ferrero and Hershey’s Kisses  and I love dark chocolates too. Any brand even the local Goya,  will do as long as it is dark.

And have you ever tried putting mint chocolate in your hot cup of coffee?


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