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I found this lovely photo on my news feed at Facebook. Oh yes, I am a reader and I was born in October. How’s that again?

I am really not that old yet but I am getting there somehow.  October is my birth month and I’ll be turning 62 by then.  Others say it is not polite to admit your age in public, I am proud of it though. So proud to be turning 62 in 33 days to be exact. Short of saying, I am growing old. I’ve always said time and again that age is just a number besides your name. How you enjoy life as you do now all depends on your attitude and maturity. Waking up at an early hour, going to sleep even more earlier. They have somehow become routines. Meeting the sunrise, dreaming of another lovely day, watching the sunset and it hues of purplish orange.

You look at the mirror, scrutinize your face, some lines are there, more prominent now and the white hair on your head. Ah, sign of old age? I am letting my white hair show through nowadays, no hair dye, I want it all white when I reach 70. I was talking to Fr. Lovell one day via texts and I told him,” I  have white hairs now mostly at the front of my head” and he answered, “me too, and they even show in pictures”. I laughed.  But having a premature graying of hair does not always speak of old age.  Some have colorless hair strands even at a younger age.

Ah, your skin, no matter how much moisturizer you put on, it would somehow show ageing too. It couldn’t be helped.  And you remember those lovely days. Memory moves you and you appreciate how your life has been, warts and all. When you are happy, it’s a big, big bonus.


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One of my first attempts at street photography.  Look at his gnarled hands. Life hasn’t been kind.  I asked him if I could take of photo and he nodded with a shy smile.


Aging is when you add years to your life –

But growing old makes you wiser through the years!

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