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I told you.  I don’t  watch TV that often.  Yesterday was an exception though because I was looking forward to watching Karen Davila,( an award-winning broadcast journalist) on  Headstart at ANC.  I discovered this program this week  and it’s a joy to find so many interesting personalities and topics.  This morning, they have Gang Badoy as guest, a bubbly personality who is also the creator of the Dear Noynoy page at Facebook.

Yesterday, it was Adel Tamano who kept me on my seat until the end of the show. I voted for the guy during the last election, one of the two candidates who didn’t belong to the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party  that I voted for.  He seemed a down-to-earth, no-nonsense and intelligent guy.  I felt bad that he was not included in the lineup of the senators who won.

He said that he resigned from the  Nacionalista Party (NP) because he disagreed with the things that happened during  the campaign, especially the black propaganda.  And he was referring to the black propaganda aimed against then presidential candidate, Noynoy.  If I heard it right, he said further that everyone in the NP camp knew about it.  In my  opinion, that led to the downfall of Manny Villar.  He said that they relied too much on the ads, the mudslinging didn’t help either.  He further added that  he has no political plans anymore and will focus more on his family.  Asked what he think about representing ex-PGMA  Arroyo and he laughed and said he’ll get stoned doing that.  He said that someone close to Arroyo asked him to become a lawyer and spokesman for CGMA.

I follow him on Twitter.  I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back and answered my tweet.   Good luck sir and God bless!

@adeltamano Really enjoyed your guesting at Headstart this morning. Am planning to write a blog about it. Thanks for a lovely discussion!

@arlene1027 Thank you Arlene. That is very kind  of you. Have a great day. 7:14 PM Jul 7th via web in reply to arlene1027


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