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I did it. Finally reached 5,000 followers today. And since it is hard to penetrate WordPress if one’s content is not really worth-reading, this is simply an achievement for me so I congratulate myself for it🥰. For some bloggers, this might be nothing. It encourages me though to write more. I now have a total stats of 693,003 the last time I’ve seen it.

This is it🙂

Although only a few engage in my posts, I am still happy finding online friends here from all over. I haven’t counted my followers in my other blogs, I cannot open the last one, I don’t know what happened. You may visit it though, a continuation of this one. It’s called Dreams Never End. ( https//:moredreamsandescapes.wordpress.com )


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A smile

a handshake

a hug

an embrace

making up for the lost years.

Time stood still for a moment

and memories are reborn.

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A Nice Surprise

I found this lovely utility box 🗃 at the secret compartment of our headboard. It’s made of wood. It’s Nissa’s. She wrote her name and signature at the back of the cover. As it was covered by dust, I washed and dried it under the sun☀.

I am using it now for my pens, wrist watch, a Carmelite scapular and my bracelet rosary. I bring the rosary with me when I go out and usually, I would pray🙏 fifteen mysteries before I am seen by the doctor.

I love the message “friends forever “.

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Nissa surprised me with a new silicone cell phone cover for my phone. It is a Samsung A20 which I bought last year on my birthday. Back then it was just out in the market and a good buy with a 13MP +5MP cameras and an 8MP front camera. I bought a simple rubberized cover, a plain one actually to protect it. Since it’s color is deep green, Nissa also chose this leaf design….haha!

She said I am not a techie because I don’t tend to explore its nice features. Come to think of it, I haven’t even changed its screen saver and its other features so Nissa did it. We laughed together while I was exploring those lovely photos. She chose this green one so even the apps are colored green too. She says I am a green lady because I love nature.

Along with the cover were two large bottles of Nivea Body Milk and a large bag of different breads she bought at BreadTalk. Little surprises like these tickle the heart. Nissa is a very thoughtful daughter.

And for the first time too, I downloaded the Lazada app. Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. I wanted a bathroom caddy since ours broke a few days ago. Wow, there are so many cheap items which are even delivered for free. I have to create an online account for it, write it down because for sure I won’t remember it when it’s time to use it again. I don’t want to use my Visa card so I opted for COD payment. Nissa told me that once I get the hang of it, I might purchase other items again. I told her I am looking for gifts to give this Christmas. She told me to download Shoppee too, another e-commerce platform based in Singapore. The truth is I am afraid to purchase online but there are things you have to look out for – the reviews, the items they sell compared to other vendors, the quality of the merchandise, the number of buyers and their ratings etc. You can all see them online. The joy of online shopping even if you won’t have to buy an item but your eyes are pretty satisfied.

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