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In our language you call it “nangangapa”. I told you earlier this is a trial and error thing. Sometimes, I couldn’t even see the blog itself except for the latest blog post on my reader.

I need to log in via Google to see the whole thing. The app itself, I think is not enough. Considering that I need to take photos via this tab to be able to post them here, I may not be able to attach other photos taken from my CP. It takes better pictures than this one.

I just took a look at my total stats since I am dreaming of reaching a total of 600,000 by year-end. I need 90 plus more to reach it. I miss my PC, Josef is so busy he hasn’t taken a look yet.

I am closer to the goal, there are four more days to go before the new year.

My youngest brother from Tulsa are comparing notes on what to prepare for our Media Noche. He said prepare something sweet, something long like pancit, just a little of everything. I told him I’m gonna try lechon kawali. We still have embutido here which I cooked before Christmas and we haven’t touched the Christmas ham yet. Maybe a kilo of menudo too which I could prepare in advance.

In a few days, another leaf in the calendar would be lost. Let us all welcome 2020 with hope and prayers for a healthy life ūüéäūüéČūüíēūüĆĚ

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I am sure some of us regularly check our dashboards for those unwanted spam comments that appear every now and then, checking if we have missed acknowledging comments on our posts, sometimes looking at where our viewers are coming from or maybe checking our stats for the day.

I am particularly concerned about the storage space since I am using a free format for my blog. For bloggers like us who don’t want to convert our blogs to premium accounts, we are only allowed 3,072 megabytes in one single blog. I’ve used up 75% of it as of the moment. Back when I started blogging ten years ago, I didn’t know much about how photos would eat up a lot of space allowed specially when you are posting hi-resolution shots like I did before.¬† My free space rapidly filled up. Three or two years ago, I finally learned that I can reduce my photos to sizable ones in my library before adding them to my posts. I should have learned that long ago when I was still participating in the daily WordPress Photography Challenge in which you will interpret a word through your photographs.¬† That was when I joined a more difficult challenge of writing and posting everyday back in 2011.

Yesterday, I finally reached my 2,700th post for this blog alone and I think that’s a lot of writing. That’s averaging 300 to 500 words per post.¬† Add that to my four other somewhat inactive blogs and you’ll get the figure.¬† There was a time I when I felt the day was not complete when I can’t blog. There was also a few months when WordPress introduced commenting on each post writing such feedbacks like wonderful, amazing, beautiful etc. I miss those yearly reviews they did before on how your blog fared throughout the year. They even introduced words everyday that you can use to write about something related to it. Though I still visit my dashboard regularly, I no longer read WordPress events and news.

I am glad of my ever looming stats. It has greatly increased through the years. Right now, I have about 586,697 total. My followers haven’t reached 4,000 yet but I am nearing there. Most of them don’t engage anyway except for a few friends who regularly visit and make comments. Some follow through e-mails only and around 90 from Twitter. I seldom link my posts at Facebook except when the topic is about politics.

I am still enamored with blogging. It’s one activity that I enjoy doing though at times I seem to lose my muse.¬† It is a journey that I want to continue. Would love to explore and discover more blogs in the future.

What about you? How’s you blogging journey?

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It’s almost the end of the year and I think it is the best time to assess how this particular blog performed. I don’t much mind my other four blogs since I am not that active on those sites.

The last time I blogged about my stats, followers and blog posts was August 01, 2018, almost five months to the day.¬† I miss the yearly reports of WordPress on how one particular blogged performed for the year.¬† For the last two years, it hasn’t been there. I do hope they’ll bring it back.

Last August 1, I registered a total of about 537,574 views and this morning when I last looked,¬† this blog has about 558,297 views, an increase of 20,723 in more than four months. I am happy that they still visit my blog even if sometimes, I am not really inspired to write.¬† It also registered 206 more followers since August¬† with a total now of 3,566 though I must admit, there are only a few who regularly visit and make comments. That’s okay though. Around 90 of those are my followers at Twitter which are added to the numbers and around 35 friends who follow the site via e-mail. The latter don’t have WordPress accounts but they read my posts¬† through e-mail.

I’ve been here at¬† WordPress for more than nine years now and there were apps before that are no longer active.¬† WordPress used to comment how many blogs you have written for the day and how¬† good it was in their eyes. Oh yes, I used to get those words like fantastic, fabulous, beautiful, uplifting etc. They didn’t have those “likes” though and “re-blog” and “press this” were also non-existent yet.

This is my 2,477th post for this blog alone but if I were to add my  four other blogs, it  would probably be  close to 3,000.  Looking back, sometimes, I could not imagine writing all those posts. I could not even remember some of them now.  Maybe some posts are just repeats of the previous ones but with a little twist here and there.  But most are current events that happen in my life. Learned lessons and inspired moments that give life meaning.

For all of you who visit this blog and read my posts, a big THANK YOU.  Hoping for more blogging years  meeting more bloggers in the process.


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I’ve missed my usual beginning of the month blog post¬† here.¬† Posted about my tagline instead. Well, anyway,¬† today is just September 2 and this post counts as one.

I¬† recently checked my profile¬† at Goodreads. It’s nice to know that among all the millions of readers and books at Goodreads, I found this stats. It is for the Philippines’ top 100¬† readers only.

#86  Best Reviewers

#62  Top Reviewers

I think the best reviewer option is practically new. It¬† wasn’t there a few months ago. There is a slide down from #59 to #62 for top reviewers. I don’t know how they¬† usually arrive at this since some followers are from other countries. Come to think of it, I only have¬† 59 friends mostly from Facebook and about 1,157 books in my virtual library with 94 reviews in the last twelve months. I don’t always review the books I¬† read.¬† I don’t even like to summarize a story of the whole book but write about how it touched me and how I enjoyed it.

I love Goodreads. I am able to read some reviews before I buy and read a book.¬† Been a member here since¬† October 2011 before shelfari.com closed for good.¬† I haven’t even explored all the features of this site. I haven’t joined their community – no group discussions, no trivia, quotes and the likes. They have several tags and writing genre. You just have to choose and read a short synopsis of the books you want to read.

When I am not on WordPress, I visit Goodreads for new releases and when I am not on Goodreads, I write some memes and shout outs on my wall at Facebook.  Goodreads is always updated with new publications and  the release dates.

‚ÄúMany people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē¬†Jane Smiley

How nice that the BER months are finally here. Oh yes, I didn’t forget, the¬† Christmas countdown has just begun. Happy September friends.



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When I am not gardening, I am holding a book or my tab and when I am not holding a book, I am in front of my computer blogging or updating our page on FB.

The routine of a senior citizen. They vary every weekend of course¬† when the kids are around.¬† That’s when I experiment on some recipes¬† in the kitchen depending on what¬† fresh ingredients we find at the market.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy as it is. A friend asked me once why don’t I travel? We do go on road trips but going far is no longer an option for me.¬† Since I got sick, my immune system sort of weakened too. My goodness, I am even afraid to get colds because it usually take almost a month before I get well.¬† I wear face mask when I go out. The pollution in Metro Manila is such that you won’t really feel safe when you ride a public transport.¬† I feel¬† okay of course when I am riding in the car.

Ah, gardening!

Yes, I love my garden. This morning I planted a few seeds of mini-zinnias which I bought yesterday at the supermarket along with a packet of ampalaya (bitter gourd) seeds.¬† The seeds of the eggplant I bought two weeks ago have germinated. Maybe in three weeks I could transfer them to pots. Really looking forward to summer when these seeds will have grown.¬† Done with trimming the carabao grass over the weekend. It’s a monthly ritual, otherwise the grass would grow long and it is not nice to see. My Amazon lilies are starting to bloom again. The Crossandras are sprouting everywhere.¬† I have Shamrock in green and purple. I love its tiny white flowers.¬† How I wish I was able to grow another Gardenia before our¬† lone plant died last year. I replaced it with Ti plants and they are thriving well.


I love books but of course. Who doesn’t?¬† I am in awe of the new books I found lately. The authors are simply gifted.¬† I read at night before going to bed and sometimes before I take a nap in the afternoon.

Oh, blogging!

So far I’ve been able to turn up a post every day. I wonder how long this blogging muse would stay. I would like to thank those new followers. One of these days, I will try to visit your blogs.

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February is about to end.  It was a month of  visiting my doctor and undergoing laboratory tests in the process. Got a chance to be with Nate and Nissa when they came over to see us personally and having those talks on Viber too.  Other than these, it was kind of uneventful for me.

I welcome March with open arms. It’ll be summer again soon¬† and different local fruits will be in season. The cold winds of February and the cold mornings are almost gone.¬† One thing that I like about the past three months (February included) are the cold nights and cold mornings. Summer though brings a different kind of enjoyment. Sure, it would be hot again in a few days but along with it is the chance to stay outside during¬† early mornings and late afternoons to garden. We started trimming the carabao grass yesterday which has really grown during the days I was indisposed. It is a little hard now compared to a month ago.¬† Sometimes I do have a weak grip with the trimming garden scissor that I am using.

Found more Lang Leav books on poetry, Lullabies and Love and Misadventure. I am still reading Memories, one poem at a time. I think poems are not meant to be read¬† all at the same time. These books are a little easy on the eyes, they are not thick and they are simple to understand.¬† Lang Leav is a contemporary poet, an international best-selling author. I also came across A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. The official movie trailer¬† is on YouTube¬† but I’d rather read the book first. It is always nice to read the book version before watching film adaptation. You will understand it better. These books are part of my 2017 reading challenge.

Way to go March, I am excited.

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Where has January gone? It seemed like it just passed like a cho-cho train long gone. The days have been a little short for me. They were spent with a few close¬† friends, my daughter’s family¬† and most days visits to the hospital and to my doctors.¬† Before we know it, it will be February 1 tomorrow. I know, February may be as fast as January¬† because it is shorter by two or three¬† days. How come the days and moments arrive so soon?

I am getting there…thank God. After several visits to the doctor¬† and¬† laboratory tests, I finally am able to move as normal as I like. There are times though when it feels a little awkward, my grip to certain things is weak.¬† My blood sugar is still a bit high and my doctor is working on it. I have five types of medications at the moment.¬† I am not used to this, But I have to give it a chance.

It’s been a week since I posted¬† here last and it is kind of weird that I haven’t visited for a while. It makes blogging forgotten for a moment, not making comments nor liking posts by my friends. I wish I could turn back the clock and read them all but I don’t want to tax my strength¬† somehow. Maybe, some other days I could pay¬† those blogs a visit.

I am on my 22nd book at Goodreads. It is nice to spend time¬† reading¬† for a while. I’ve been on memoirs and YA books and one or two of novels with love stories for a change.¬† I must say, they are all good.¬† It makes¬† the days pass without being bored. I haven’t finished my gardening yet.¬† I still have to¬† plant some seeds that I bought late December last year. I am really looking forward to seeing Asters and Celosias in our yard.

There is a reunion coming later this month with some¬† of my¬† former office mates¬† at the bank where I worked before. It’s a lunch¬† party. I just wonder if I could attend.¬† Hopefully, I could.¬† I am finding it a little hard to blog, it’s like starting all over again.




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Happy Monday friends¬† and Happy Fourth of July for those in the US.¬† I was surprised to see my son going to work in maong pants and t-shirt early this morning then he reminded me that it’s a holiday.¬† They are allowed to wear casual attire during holidays in the US because it is where their main office is located.¬† We used to celebrate July 4 as Filipino-American Friendship Day, a legal holiday too here in our country until our celebration of Independence Day was changed to the correct date which is¬† June 12.

I planned to start July blogging every day like I did during the 2011 Post A Day challenge. No go as usual. There are some priorities that has to be met especially on weekends when my son is around. I am grateful though for those new followers of this blog.¬† There was this message from WordPress yesterday afternoon that there was a spike on my stats. True enough when I checked, it has significantly gone up. Search engines are busy and I noticed that my most read posts are from several years ago. Come to think of it, I have nearly forgotten sharing those posts. Imagine having 1,813 posts since I started blogging here way back May 2009. The blog which was supposedly for sharing my journey as a cancer patient/survivor¬† has turned out into a hodgepodge of “what have you’s” from gardening to photography to sharing my world as a grandmother.¬† It’s a life full of challenges, a life full of lovely and precious moments, a life of simple things that gives joy to the heart, a life of small miracles¬† and wonderful blessings that makes every moment precious.¬† The journey is not that smooth at times but I get by with the help of my family and loving friends who love me the way I am, warts and all.¬† I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and courage to carry on.

I¬† am on my 7th year in remission, still standing tall amidst everything. I can vividly remember those days when almost every day we would be at the hospital, doctor’s clinics, laboratories for my pre-op clearance¬† and finally having that much dreaded sigmoid surgery mid-July in 2009.¬† And I thought staying at the hospital for almost two weeks of recovery was hard but it was nothing compared to the six cycles of chemotherapy that I had to undergo to get well. Never mind the amount of research I’ve done to booster my immunity¬† eating anti-oxidant food, avoiding meat for a long time, learning to adjust to a life with so many restrictions on one’s diet.¬† Those days were more learning curves for me to get through.

Allow me to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends here at WordPress, to those who always drop a line or two, to those who regularly click “likes” to my posts and to those who pass by this blog and read a post. You all make blogging a lovely journey too.


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I woke up at 4am, a little late than the usual 3am I’ve been used to. I’ve been outside and swept the front of the house, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, plastic with straw.¬† Although we have a regular maintenance lady on our street, it is quite annoying to see those cigarette butts¬† littering¬† everywhere.

Gardening at 4am? Yes, it was a perfect opportunity to pull off those unwanted and stubborn weeds without the fear of having those motor vehicles and cars at your back. Ours is a very busy street so you just can’t go out and garden, either you garden at an ungodly hour or when the sun is low on the horizon. The heat would be intense by then you it’s out of the question.

For the first time in so many months, it is raining and it is not just the gentle patter you listen to but a heavy downpour.  Oh  blessed, blessed rain, you are very much welcome in this hot month of May.  I could smell the rich earth  as it absorbs rain water  and I could see the trees smiling with glee. It must be nice to look clean and green again without the thick dust  clinging to their leaves.  It saves me a day or two of not watering my garden.

And to smell the rich aroma of coffee, what a blessing!

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Gosh, the sudden morning rain prevented me again from finishing my garden chores but I am glad I don’t have to water the plants. Everything looks so green and fresh. Gone are the dusts clinging¬† to the leaves of the plants.

I’ve focused my time and efforts¬† just updating this site that I forgot I have to visit and post a thing or two to my other blogs. I must admit it is quite hard to maintain several blogs.¬† The thing is, years ago I¬† have decided to separate my gardening blog, photos, my blog posts on Nate and lately a new platform which I could use when I fully consume my allowed limits here. Got 29% more to go before it ends. Hopefully, without posting so many photos, I could still use this in the next year or two.

This morning (finally) I updated my gardening blog called Gardens and Empty Spaces, I really hope you’ll find time to visit it too. My intro page is quite long but you can find it on the widget sidebar, an easier way to know the gardener behind the garden ūüôā I¬† also included some excerpts on my latest blog posts at my other sites.

Hop in, you are welcome to visit my backyard garden.

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