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Congratulations Arlene! 

You may laugh at this, congratulating myself in reaching my 1000th blog. Mind you, it was all a labor of love and a lot of hard work thinking of what to share and remembering the events in my life which are worth sharing.  Documenting one’s own frailties, insecurities, battles and happy thoughts takes a lot of  courage, more so if you are doing it publicly through a blog. One thing though that I don’t regret doing is sharing my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. I started this three years ago right after I found out I had colon cancer. Each of us has her own coping mechanism and mine was writing my thoughts and sharing it with the world. I’ve always said and I will say it again that if I could touch a single soul out there who’ll draw a little inspiration on what I went through, then that would be enough, it would make me happy.  To my surprise, a few online friends found some of my blogs helpful in their own journey, having experienced the same thing that I did.  Kindred spirits, if I must say.

And  I just love posting photos here.  One of the highlights of the day is finding some subjects to post and reflect on. Last year I joined WordPress Post A Day Challenge. You can really blog everyday when you set your mind to the challenge and blogging becomes easier.  My stats went crazy because of it.

I may not have that many followers here but I do enjoy the fact that I get an average of  200-250 visits a day.  Being an unknown blogger, it’s certainly a feat for me.  Didn’t I say that blogging has become a way of life? Didn’t I say that blogging helped me a lot in coping with a life-changing illness?  Thank you all for visiting Dreams and Escapes.

Goal of 1,000 Posts Completed. Congratulations!


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