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It’s a day wasted. I was supposed to file my SSS retirement forms  today but when I got there at exactly 8am, the slots for thirty people are already filled up. What a shame!  The branch near our place opens at 7am and it was already full when I arrived. To think that inquiries and other transactions are categorized in five windows. Maybe tomorrow I have to be there and line up at 6am so I could be included in their 30 slots for filing of retirement/pension benefits.  Too bad really. Government services in these areas are still so slow.

We are now officially under the amihan season with cold winds and long nights. The colder climate is always a welcome thing from the months of November until February the following year.  It’s during November though that we are visited by stronger  and more powerful typhoons  and  weather disturbances.  There is a tropical storm named Meari  being monitored by PAGASA and  another tropical depression both on the eastern side of Luzon. I do hope they won’t become strong typhoons and won’t bring too much rain in those areas.  Come to think of it, we are sometimes visited by typhoons too during December and they are as strong as those we usually have during November.  It’s  cloudy today.

Our country is teetering on the edge.  News says that as of the first week of November 2016, there have been  over 4,700 deaths, both from legitimate police operations and vigilante-style or unexplained killings since the president  assumed office last July. It seems that this government is more focused on war on drugs than on other aspects like the economy which is slowly sliding down.  And he is saying that these killings  might reach up to 30,000.  Again my question is where are we going?  Investors’ confidence is at stake here.  How could we  encourage foreign investments  if this government is only focused on one thing?  How could we solve poverty which is the main reason why people down the line are into drugs?  He is now the head a  sovereign state and must not only focus on domestic issues but on foreign relations as well. He is against dictatorship but is aligned with the Marcoses.  How could you believe in a foul-mouth, slut-shaming, uncouth and boorish man at the realm?  Please God save our country. We are being divided instead of being one as a nation.  It’s so sad  😦





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Saying thank you would probably be not enough so we say MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT! God bless you  all.

thank you

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Allow me to greet you another “happy new month”. It’s now October, and it’s my birth month.   September is gone now leaving behind people who lost their homes, properties destroyed, lives lost, floods, and places which are still inundated by the rising waters caused by typhoon Pedring.  We are a country where we experience heavy flooding every year, where  more than twenty strong typhoons  visit  us everywhere in the archipelago but despite the knowledge that we are prone to such calamities, we still get caught in the middle, protecting our properties sometimes more than we protect our lives. Despite the danger, we stand up and face the storms. You might ask, where are we coming from? We are resilient amidst dangers brought by nature’s wrath. Sometimes, it really falls heavy on our shoulders but we take it as if it is our due, as if we are destined to experience such.

I was glued to the news reports on typhoon  Pedring which has just left our country two days ago and typhoon Quiel which is presently dumping heavy rains and gusty winds in Northern Luzon, the same path that typhoon Pedring traversed. My heart breaks seeing those houses blown by the strong winds  and those who are still awaiting rescue in some towns in Bulacan where the flood waters have reached the second level of their homes.  It reminds  me of the ordeal we had with typhoon Ondoy two years ago. It is so easy to say,” evacuate the place , go to safer grounds” but when you are in such a predicament, you try to save as much of your possessions from the floods because you know that after the storm, it would be hard, so really hard to start all over again. It is so  easy to empathize  when you are just watching it on your TV screens in the comfort of your homes with enough food on your plate.  What about those whose houses were destroyed in a blink of an eye and all that are left are soiled clothing and a scattering of a few possessions which can no longer be used? What about those who are on their rooftops  because they have nowhere else to go, no cover on their backs despite the cold?

Despite all the setbacks, we carry on. Circumstances may push us to the limits sometimes but our faith in a loving God will always be our anchor in times like this. Prayers help and praying for each other’s safety is the best recourse we can make.  Just think that the sun always shine after the rain.

And it’s 84 days to go before Christmas! That’s really something we could all look forward to.

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Typhoon Pedring was definitely stronger than I thought.  It brought strong winds to the island of Luzon and toppled power lines which left close to 2 million households without electricity. Train lines in Metro Manila suspended their operations because of the typhoon.  We were so lucky that our town was spared from the flash flood which affected most areas in Metro Manila. Part of Bulacan and Marikina were submerged in water. And I am grateful that there was no interruption in the power service of Manila Electric Company in our area. Classes were suspended in all levels of Metro Manila. Metro Manila was under typhoon signal number two but it was not spared from heavy rains and gusty winds brought about by typhoon Pedring (international name is Nesat).

The whole day, I alternately listened on our transistor radio and watched the news on TV. One should  always be  alert in times like this.  I remember the time when typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila exactly two years  ago. Our house was submerged in water and we had to renovate and replace most of our furnitures and belongings because they were destroyed by the flood. It makes me feel so insecure every time there is a strong typhoon coming.

Front of U.S. Embassy along Roxas Blvd.

The seawall along Roxas Blvd.

(I don’t own these pictures, they are property of allvoices.com. Photos by Marven Dumaguet)

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After so many days of non-stop rain and after typhoon Falcon finally left, our life isn’t back to normal yet. PAGASA said that the typhoon dumped rain waters in Metro Manila which is equal to two typhoons.  We feared the repeat of typhoon Ondoy two years ago so we were in tune on the latest news the last two or three days. Some areas in Marikina got flooded again and two days ago, the downpour created havoc in traffic in the metropolis.

The kids and I had to move our valuable things in a higher place for safety. We even have to park our car on a higher ground to avoid floodwaters. And the books, I need to rearrange them again and put them back in their proper shelves.

One thing I am grateful for, THANK GOD, we were spared from the wrath of typhoon Falcon.  And I commend Atty. Francis Tolentino, the head of MMDA for a job well-done. He certainly deserve a big round of applause . Last night, I heard him still visiting flooded areas as late as 12:30am and when I woke up at around 6am, he was on his feet again updating everyone with the latest news. Hats off to you sir.  You have restored my faith in our government.

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