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Go gently with life, savour each moment that passes, because tomorrow it will just be a memory.

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I am reviving my Heartland Series. They are those one liner posts that I used to write some nine and eight years ago. I tell you it’s fun when you have those thoughts playing inside your head and you wanted a voice to bring them up.

Here’s number 8.

Our God is a God of second chances.

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They laugh –

And their laughter

breaks into tiny fragments

touching the deepest end.

They smile –

but those smiles seem like a sham

that don’t even reach their eyes.

The world is full of farcical smiles,

Never a word rings true.

Lame excuses

They make us believe

Everything is true.

But the truth is hidden

behind those smiles.

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Blog when you have something to say, never mind if you haven’t for a few days or even a few months. If you have a good content, people will read and follow your posts.

I always notice this that when some bloggers haven’t  posted  in one particular day or for a week, they apologize profusely to their followers. Do we need to?  It’s not as if we are that popular that they would miss reading our  posts for a day or two.

Speaking of those online friends that I follow here, I just don’t drop them when they suddenly disappear in cyberspace.  I wait for a few months anticipating what they will write about when they come back. I guess there is always one valid reason among others why one particular blog is not updated. They might have given up on blogging, they might have found other hobbies aside from blogging, they might be busy to write or perhaps they might have lost their muse.

Oh yes, blogging has become a lifestyle, a habit that is hard to break. And I always enjoy discovering other writers when they follow my blog.  Some don’t engage in liking nor commenting. Others follow your blog and they just want you to follow them back. Some are genuinely friendly  and I feel like they are my extended family. I often ask myself where these visitors come from. So proud of having 566,305 stats as of this writing.

Went out for a while to buy three-in-one coffee mix for mom at the village convenience store.  It is more convenient for her to use a singe mixed sachet than either having her coffee too sweet or too bitter for her taste. I met this neighbor (we live in the same street) who used to say a few words when she passes by the house and when I am at the garden. She told me that the plants and seedlings I gave her a few months back are thriving well.  She smiled and told me I have a pretty and well-maintained garden.  I told her to come back and I’ll give her dried pods of blue ternatea. It is an anti-oxidant and the flowers are used in making tea, juices, salads  and blue rice.  It is always nice to meet people who appreciate what you do.

A blessed weekend to all.

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Have you ever felt it? You wake  up one morning, you’re not sick or anything but you just feel so lazy.

I went back to bed when Josef left home for work.  I woke up around 7:30 am and immediately checked the other room, I thought he was still sleeping. Did the morning chores of cleaning the house, watering the garden and sweeping the yard but I still feel like going back to bed again.

I’ve checked my reader feed here and my news feed at Facebook but didn’t feel inclined to make comments. How’s that again?

Maybe these are those times when I really feel the years catching up on me. My goodness, I just turned 62 and some of my friends say that it is still a young age.  Or is this how you feel when you are two years beyond  sixty?

Since Facebook has taken out all those troll pages, it has somehow become a quiet place again. But there are still those who can’t wait to click angry emoticons when some of our eight opposition candidates post something on their walls. They could not wait to make angry comments and rebuttal on those dissenting arguments by anti-Duterte people. A pro-Duterte fanatic admitted a few days ago that he is jobless now. He used to have fifteen fake accounts at Facebook and  used to spend the whole day making those fake news. But trolls I think are still everywhere, they just  no longer have those fake wall sites to propagate their liking and loving what Duterte is doing to the country. They are dividing us Filipinos and if one is vulnerable enough to believe in them, you’ll surely have your say too siding with the ugly and all the lies.  They propagate lies and untruth resurrecting  issues against the previous administration but they are so quiet when it comes to EJKs, (extra-judicial killings) drugs from China in billions’ worth and  Marawi rehabilitation. Marawi was destroyed when Duterte challenged the Maute group to bring their war to the city.  Oh my gosh, what else is new? Given all these circumstances, I wonder why so many still believe in the guy.

There is a strong typhoon that has entered the country named Rosita. It’s battering the  North at the moment. We are under signal No. 1 but thankfully, it is just gloomy and there are still no rains.  Thank God.

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I still miss those uplifting words. Now and then, I would reread her poems in the three lovely books I have here in my shelf.  They are a joy to read in this otherwise bleak morning. The sun is slowly coming out though. Mary Oliver is a favorite.

One other author whose works I always look forward to is Richard Paul Evans. We are friends  in Facebook and I  also follow his blog. I have a whole collection of quotes taken from his various books which he freely shares with friends.

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Her pen –

poised  on top of the pristine pages.

attempting to wax poetic.

the metaphors and the similes don’t jibe though.

Maybe she forgot

what she wanted to write about.

maybe they were just thoughts not fit to be shared.

or just pure imaginings.


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