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Yeay for birthday dreams that come true.

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Happy  Sunday guys.

It took me a while to finish the book of Isabel Allende’s Of Love and  Shadows. It’s not because the book is not good, it is but I got distracted again by Wordscapes. besides I kept comparing it to the martial law days back in the 70s – the unrest, the dissatisfaction with the government, human rights abuses, the rebellion,  threats, extra-judicial killings, tortures and incarceration of those suspected people against the Marcos rule.

It’s a sad story about love, survival, hatred, fear and oppression. If you don’t want to get caught, don’t voice out  your fears and what you know but keep silent. I admire the poetic way of describing the beautiful scenery in between the brutal attacks by those in power, the police. Come to think of it, there is somewhat a close similarity between the book and what is happening now in ou country.

This government is against drugs and even promised to eradicate it in three to six months. But it’s been more than three years and those  drug lords are still scot-free while the lowly drug users are being killed without due process. I would not elaborate, this can be seen from various happenings in some areas of the country. Although not all police force is crooked, some of them are even involved in the drug trade. Disgusting. Those appointed by the president who are found guilty of misdeeds are being recycled and transferred to other  departments. How’s that again?

Imagine, the allotted budget for health and education were greatly reduced while the personal budget of the president increased by a hundredfold. Is this transportation crisis real? If you’ll see how the commuters suffer everyday just to get to their places of work on  time. Three hours commute not just because of the traffic but because of lack of transport.  You are lucky if you have a car but you still have to leave early so won’t get caught in traffic.

I don’t want to be stressed by what is happening around. I don’t even watch news on television. I am not indifferent though, I feel the frustration of every affected citizen. I feel the hopelessness of those who can’t do anything to change the course of this ugly governance.

Where are we going?

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That lovely feeling of discovering something that brings a smile and inspired thoughts that you have to commit on paper. That lovely feeling of just being there to enjoy the beauty of it all.

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Stop wishing. Keep going. Every day is a discovery.

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Let’s  all be channel of blessings to each other.

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If you’re on Facebook,  you’re probably familiar with their Memories app where you get to see  every day some of your posts and shoutouts from previous years. I love reminiscing about those somehow forgotten moments until they stare at you in the face….then you remember.

I can’t recall if  I wrote this previously here back in October 2015 or if  I wrote it originally at Facebook.  Anyway, I am sharing it here (maybe for the second time around). Senior moments and can’t really recall when I wrote it exactly. I told you, out of the thousands of posts I’ve written, I can no longer remember the others.  There was a time when I used to write all  the titles of my posts in my journal  but when I reached around 600, I got tired of it ands never came back to update it. By the way, I just changed the opening line from six years to ten years.

TEN YEARS. A long time to share one’s thoughts in cyberspace. I never thought that I will last this long in the blogging world. It gets more addicting when you find new friends who really and sincerely admire your posts and read everything down to the misplaced comma or misspelled word. Maybe if I would collate all these from the first few lines I wrote when I started, I’ll have a thick book by now. Scattered thoughts, broken dreams, unfulfilled promises, disappointments, happy and delirious moments that I just have to write about because seeing them in print (even just in this platform) is the only way I know how. Somehow when you feel so alone in a crowd, you turn to something that would make your world a little brighter even just for a few moments.

The good thing about writing your thoughts (but not necessarily sharing them to the world) is that you learn to cope with the dark days and see the promise of a new day. The sun always rises even if there is a storm but you don’t always see it. You look back and sometimes you wonder, did you really think that it would make a big difference to the world or make a dent in yours? I must admit, there is that kind of self-fulfillment when you write no matter how mundane or unimaginative your thoughts are.



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It was just like the way you wanted. Sunday mass. Early morning sunshine and a cup of black coffee to meet the day. Scrambled egg and hot pandesal.

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There are journeys in life no one could take for you!

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Dear Lord,

Give us the grace to acknowledge Your presence all the days of our lives.


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You will never really know how strong you are until you encounter pain and vicissitudes in life.  Experiences teach us how to be strong amidst trials and tribulations.

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