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Reminiscing.  Remembering. Going back to one’s school of learning! My two close friends, Sr.  Thea, FMM and Grace  had our once-in-a- year reunion (sometimes once in two years) last January 04, 2011 and we decided to meet at UST before taking lunch later.  We retraced our steps from the Chapel (it’s actually a parish) but we were used to calling it simply the chapel back in our time.

We used to call this the Pharmacy Garden. I wonder if they have changed its name since we left UST.  The short stretch of road is the shortcut going to the chapel.

Come to think of it, I didn’t take any picture at the front of the Main Building since that has always been the focus of my camera every time I get the chance to take a few shots  here.  This is actually the back of the Main Building and at the far corner is the College of Commerce where I took  BSC Economics.   Far left is the Quadricentennial Square where you could find an interactive fountain and al fresco sites. Ramon Orlina’s sculpture, Tetraglobal was covered in blue cloth so I was not able to take shot of it.

I love this corner, it used to house the UST Main Library where I spent almost three years working as a Student Library Assistant.   Those were the days where I learned to truly be a bookworm.

Santisimo  Rosario Parish or the  Chapel,a silent witness to lots of fervent prayers everyday.  One of my favorite places in the campus.  It has undergone a facelift . Back in our time, we only had those large overhead electric fans but now, it is fully air-conditioned.

This is the main altar.  How I’ve missed this place.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

I love the intricate design of the steel doors going to the UST Seminary.  And the image of Mama Mary is simply beautiful.

This is the back of the  Miguel de Benavidez  Library where the Quadricentennial Square is located. I was aiming at the cross atop the Main Building but it was a little too far.

Couldn’t get enough..haha!

Another shot of the Chapel. This building houses the UST Central Seminary, Father’s Residence, Ecclesiastical  Faculties Library  and the Santisimo Rosario Parish.

Ah, the football field with the giant Christmas tree used during the Paskuhan 2010 and besides it is the  UST grandstand.In a few days, UST will be celebrating its Quadricentennial Year.

I am re-posting this particular shot which I took last March 2010. It’s the front view of the UST Main Building.

THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS – The Pontifical, Royal and Catholic University of the Philippines. Proud to be a Thomasian!  Viva USTe!


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