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A pair of bright orange shoes protruding from the rubble

Red, brown and yellow toy teddy bears abandoned by their owners

Luggage thrown in midair

Blackened remains turned back to dust

Remnants of a life probably at its prime,

Broken dreams

Treasured messages before take off

Anticipation of a reunion gone kaput

It hurts to see them all.

I was watching CNN early this morning (our time) and I could not bear to look at the remains of the MH-17 plane burned to the ground.  Three of  those passengers are fellow Filipinos and the whole family was wiped out including the husband who used to work at Malaysia Airlines and an Indonesian. I  watched the members of the family back home being interviewed on TV. They were looking forward to a yearly family reunion this coming Saturday. Their sister was the breadwinner of the family, making her siblings’ life easier than an average Filipino family, sending her nieces and nephews to school.

Life snapped in a moment, in a heartbeat. I offered a prayer that you’ll have peace in your souls and the loved ones left behind would be able to bear your loss. Life is precious, every minute, every hour.


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A Simple Prayer

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Lord, heal our land.

Heal us from the hurts of witnessing natural calamities

that destroy our sense of peace and safety.

Heal us from the insecurities that we feel every day as we go along life’s journey.

Give us enough faith to face everything.

We all know, Your love for us will always sustain.

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Please watch over us Mama Mary and lead us always closer to your son, Jesus Christ.

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LORD, please grant me the gift of understanding others without being judgmental.

Grant me the capacity to understand all Your plans for me.

And may today be a gift for other people too, that I may also touch their lives in my simple way.

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Thank you Lord for the gift of today. Thank you for a lovely Sunday morning.


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Lord, please give me strength to go through the day.

You alone know what I’ll be facing today.

Take my hand when I could not move forward and carry me when the load is too heavy.

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My heart goes out to those innocent civilians caught in the crossfire  between the government forces and the Moro National Liberation Front.

PLEASE LORD, keep the world safe for our little children. Let there be peace in Zamboanga. Let there be peace in Syria. Let there be peace in the whole world.

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