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It doesn’t cost a cent smiling at someone you meet on the street or anywhere else. It is something that causes a chain reaction. It might be the beginning of a lovely conversation and exchange of thoughts with someone. Years ago, I blogged about this same topic but I could not remember now what year I wrote it. Usually it happens when you are waiting at the clinic for your doctor. Sometimes I ask myself why it is so easy to share with people you barely know about your health and medical problems and they do the same. I often talk too with supermarket cashiers or their helpers roaming around the place. Is it because of the anonymity of it, that you wouldn’t likely meet again in the future?

Early this morning, I was walking at the park square when I noticed this old man walking alongside me. I said ‘good morning’ and he replied ‘magandang umaga’. That started my day.

Think about this, people say you burn more calories when you smile than when you frown.


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My three brothers and I grew up in the province till we graduated from grade school except for my youngest brother Noel who was transferred to Quezon City when he was in grade V. That was the time when Alden started high school at the Univ. Of Santo Tomas. All of us spent our high school years there and Noel and I finished college there too. My two brothers both started college there but eventually transferred to other schools.

I remember those early days spent in the province with mom while dad stayed in Manila because of his work. Aside from the usual games that children had (believe me, there were many), my oldest brother and I used to climb our guava tree in the backyard.

Climbing a guava tree

Like these kids in the photo, we would enjoy an afternoon climbing like monkees in those branches with the most guava fruits and eat them right there and then. I didn’t like the ripe ones but preferred those crunchy fruits which were about to ripen. Swinging with the wind while eating guavas….heaven❤

A jolly carabao ride

I never experienced riding on the back of a carabao because our only two carabaos were under the care of a farmer in our place. I enjoyed riding on a sled though. This was attached to the carabao. I guess back then, that was the only means of transport in our barrio,farmers used it to bring their produce to the town. At the town proper, there were only the calesa, a horse-drawn vehicle to transport passengers and buses going to another town. People walked no matter how far. Manila was different then, there were buses and jeepneys along one’s route. We usually rode on buses going to Manila during summer breaks to visit dad. That was a yearly undertaking until we reached high school.

Our side garden in the province. The other areas are also full of ornamental plants and the back of the house has fruit trees.

It may lack the amenities of a perfect garden, but when I am here, I could hear the silence that speaks of home.

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So they have changed our server to Huawei but I am having a problem with all of my three gadgets. It is connected but there is no internet. I don ‘t like this one, eversince the telecommunication company made it to our shores. It is a Chinese entity. Duterte welcomed it with open arms even if we have our reliable SMART and GLOBE.

It is not as good as our previous server. This was initiated by Jovy, she said it is faster, nah, for me it is not. What if Josef is not around to fix my connection? Do I need to have the connection on always? Logging it off brings me back to the message, connected but there is no internet. I didn’t have any problem before with my two tabs and cellphone.

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An Update

Just updated my blog COLORS which you can find here:


It’s the depository of most of my high-res. photos. I hope you’ll visit it too 😘

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How soon could a dream

take hold in your heart?

How often does a dream

mask the harsh truth of reality?

It may take a while

It may take forever,

But you keep dreaming …still!

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Is wonderful when you are happy

But it pains you sometimes when you are sad.

Life’s surprises don’t always come in dainty packages

Of pink ribbons and lovely boxes

Life’s surprises come sometimes in inopportune moments

Catching you unaware.

You smile with a certain sadness in your eyes

You greet the day

Dragging your steps along the way.

I’m here to listen

When the time comes that you want to share

I’ll be here to make you smile again

and make you believe that life is worthwhile.

Happiness lies in your heart my friend.

And it’s really wonderful to be alive.

(reposted from September 05, 2011)

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Just updated my garden blog at https://arlene1027.wordpress.com and posted some photos there.

The tomato seeds that I just threw at the back garden have grown and are bearing fruits now. Our two jackfruit trees are showing off. In a month or two, I would pick one and cook ginataang langka, a yummy dish cooked in coconut cream. My two old kalamansi trees are still bearing fruits. Ah, squash is growing too.

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It’s Done

Nissa sent me three photos of their home. I don’t know when they will move in. Maybe when the school year is finished. Nate has to transfer to another school closer to home. Time flies, he’ll be in Grade V next schoolyear.

This is their small garden planted with Bermuda grass.
The garage. It could accommodate two cars.

I love their pocket garden. Easy to maintain.

The whole house lit at night.

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You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

This is it….my life’s journey!

That would be the first sentence if ever I find myself writing about my life. I am never ambitious enough to write one though. Having almost four thousand posts in this blog and hundreds of posts in my four other blogs would be enough if the purpose would be to show the world how I am and what good memories are worth-keeping and angst that sometimes surfaces now and then. At times, I do feel insecure especially with my health, most of the time though I am tremendously happy.

Life is short, I agree but if you could leave something behind that would make someone reflect and smile, then you have accomplished something worthwhile.

I have a friend on Facebook who has just written his autobiography by answering guide questions. I don’t know where he got them. He said it is a pamana, a legacy of sort for his grandchildren. It is a self-published book.

Would you attempt writing your own?

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It’s my first serious read about the art of writing.  I’ve  heard about the book in the past from friends  and I’ve been looking for a copy for quite a long time. It was published ten years ago but it was only now that I got hold of it,  a borrowed copy from one of my daughter’s office mates . Who hasn’t  heard of Stephen King? I remember the first two books that I’ve read several years ago, Desperation and The Regulators (under the pen name Richard Bachman. By the time I got hold of Pet Sematary and The Shining, I was afraid to read his books at night.

This is not exactly a book review but just snippets of some paragraphs  which I liked from the book. I thought at first it was  his autobiography, telling the reader about his childhood and how he started as a writer which you can read here. He was already married with two kids when he began on his debut novel, Carrie. It was the same book that launched him as a full-time writer.

He likens the craft of writing as a toolbox – with all the necessary accessible tools. First on the top shelf is vocabulary. And he says, “one of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary, looking for long words because you’re maybe a bit ashamed of your short ones. This is like dressing up a household pet in evening clothes. The pet is embarrassed and the person who committed this act of premeditated cuteness should be even more embarrassed.” Next tool is grammar. Bad grammar produces bad sentences. So true, I am not a perfectionist (because no one is perfect) but I cringe every time I read  bad sentence construction. He says further, “one who does grasp the rudiments of grammar finds a comforting simplicity at its heart, where there need be only nouns, the words that name, and verbs, the words that act.” He is funny at times. I was laughing out loud when he said that anyone using the phrases “That’s so cool” or “at this point in time” and “at the end of the day” should be made to stand in one corner and should be sent to bed without supper. Haha! He abhors the use of passive tense and adverbs. On the layer beneath this tool box are  the  three elements of  a story – narration, description, and dialogue .

To sum it  up, he has these to say, “good writing consist of mastering the fundamentals – vocabulary, grammar, the elements of style and then filling the third level of the toolbox with the right instruments.  While it is impossible to make a competent writer out of a bad writer, and while it is equally impossible to make a greater writer out of a good one, it is possible with lots of hard work, dedication and timely help, to make a good writer out f merely a competent one.”

“Writing is magic, as much as the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.”

This is a remarkable book from Stephen King. Would love to read it again if I can find a copy of my own.

(Another repost which I wrote back in 2011. That year was when I participated in WordPress’ Post A Day Challenge. Yes, I made it to the last. Years ago, on my usual visit at Booksale, I found a hardbound copy of the book. Of course, I was in seventh heaven).

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