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Pardon if the translation on the above quote is not exactly right but that sums up PNoy’s speech in his Unang Taon, Ulat Sa Bayan which he delivered at around 4pm yesterday at the Philippine Sports Arena in Pasig City. Of course he has yet to deliver his second SONA, a more detailed description on what has changed and what he has done during his first year in office.

Ulat sa Bayan was just that, some good news on what happened the past year. Many people think that he hasn’t done anything that they could see clearly. If ever there is, they are not affected by it. I didn’t vote for PNoy although I admire his parents to the hilt. This is not the first time that I blogged about the Aquinos – from Ninoy to PNoy to Cory to Kris, the most visible and popular members of the clan. I felt that he was not yet ripe for the presidency but he got my nod and approval when he made his first SONA promising to curve if not to completely eliminate corruption in the government.  I believe it was not just a lip service on his part because he is honest and trustworthy. Granting he is still learning the ropes and adjusting to the gargantuan problems that he inherited from the past administration, at least let us give him the chance to prove himself.  One year is not enough, right? Laying the ground rules, being after the big fish who are  continuously emptying the coffers of the government is no mean feat.

Ang sinabi ko po noon: Pilipino, kasama mo ako. Itutuwid natin ang baluktot, tatanggalin natin ang tiwali, at itatama natin ang mali.

He reaffirmed his commitment to fight corruption.  Some of his detractors are so outspoken about what they think  and how they assess his one year in office.  Their negativity is rubbing off on other people, all they do is whine and complain. And here’s my question to all of you,  what are you doing to help our country rise  again, a country we can be proud of? Are you doing your share or just contented with finding faults instead of finding ways to help? If you can honestly say that you do, then I salute you.

Let us  all be counted, let us  do our share to make this country a better one. Be proud you are Pinoy!


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