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Allow me this, at least for a while. I might look strong on the outside but my heart is bleeding in the inside.

I mourn, yes, I mourn for my country.

Yesterday, they nailed the coffin for good. The end of democracy. It’s supposedly the last bastion to protect the Filipino people and yet the Commision on Election chose to proclaim all the twelve administration bets despite the clamor for manual count, despite the various anomalies that happened a week ago – defective SD cards, videos of election registrars filling in and shading empty ballots, 7-hour glitch in transferring the results from various precincts, malfunctioning Vote Counting Machines and many, many more. This election is a farce. And I guess there is no legitimacy in an election where the commissioners themselves who are tasked to protect the ballots break the rules. Some people said that this is the first time in the history of the Philippines in an election where not even one opposition bet won. In the local level, the opposition won in various areas but in the national level, they all lost.  It makes no sense to me.

Instead of bringing back those millions of pesos back to the government, they allowed the thieves to come back to the Senate. Think of this – a senator who wholehearted supported those extra-judicial killings, a thief, a loyal photographer/selfie maker/follower  to a president with no previous experience in politics, not even in the barangay level, someone who started campaigning a year before the election was held and the Comelec turned a blind eye, a former president’s daughter whose credentials are all fake, a good-for-nothing come-backing senator who did practically nothing in the past. They are complete, complete crooks if I may say.

Allow me to quote a few words from other netizens who are equally concerned with what is happening in our country.

They’re written in the vernacular but let me just translate it in the simplest way. Bato dela Rosa on illegal chinese workers “if they are illegal, make them legal”. Bong Go (the famous alalay), “I will put up a department of OFW”.  Bong Revilla (the come-backing senator) “if not for that budots dance, I won’t win”.

There was this poem published by the Thinking Class of the Philippines. Philippines, it is hard to love you.

The president has been absent from the limelight since the day of the election last  May 13. There are rumors that he was rushed to the hospital because of heart attack. I wonder why they are keeping mum on this when it is stated in the Constitution that the people has the right to know the physical health of a governing person.

And I wonder, why hold on to power even when you are not fit enough to govern. I call that extreme greed.


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I haven’t blogged for a while. Just feeling lazy I guess. You know that lethargic feeling that you just want to rest in bed and you are afraid to venture out because of the heat. It always rains every day but they are just thunderstorms. After two hour we’re back boiling again. It’s 34 C degree at the moment.

The truth is I just want to be updated with the news. The results  of the mid-term election distracted me. Just imagine this, by July 1, duterte  will have held all the branches of government – executive, legislative and judiciary. What I am afraid of is the total domination by China in the West Philippines seas.  Duterte is bragging that China would not let him step down.

And for the first time too, it took me more than a week to finish the book that I recently read. It’s supposed to be a thriller. It’s a novel of deception, intrigue and human  weakness.  It took me half of the book to really grasp the story. There were so many characters which were sometimes not relevant at all.  I think this book is not just my cup of tea.

Sorry guys, I am really not so inspired.


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Yesterday, I went back to my doctor so he could interpret the results of my lab tests. He asked if I voted and I said yes. He looked at me, smiled a sad smile and uttered “talo”. We talked of the previous election maybe for about two or three minutes before he reviewed my files. “Maybe  it was rigged?“, I asked him.  “You’re right”, he said. His doctor wife stopped for a while on her way to her clinic and said, “92% counted and still zero for Otso Diretso”.

I have deficiency in Vitamin D so I have to take 2,000 I.U. of Vitamin D daily complimented by calcium supplements. Since the medicine could only be sourced at Healthy Options, I had no recourse but to go there yesterday afternoon.

I had a good chat with the manager of Healthy Options when she approved my senior citizen’s card and asked about the election in our place here in Cainta. She knows the present mayor who won for the third time this election. We touched on previous mayors here who did nothing to the town. Atty. Mayor Kit Nieto is loved by the Cainta residents, I told her. They don’t want him to go. He won hands down over his former Vice-Mayor as  his opponent.

Social media is still awashed with different opinions and comments on what is happening here. Those Duterte diehards say that we should respect the decisions of the voters. How could we do that when it is glaring that there seemed to be massive cheating in the senatorial level? The candidates were not actually the losers, we are.

Hoping the truth will come out fare and square. Some are suggesting and demanding to have manual counts of the senatorial votes all over the land.

You see how dirty politics is?

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Actually, I don’t want to blog about the results of the election yet, it is still too early to predict who won the game. I voted very early this morning. I was at the polling precincts ten minutes before they  opened.  It was easier to vote that way, no long lines yet and the weather was still a little cool. Done in fifteen minutes.

I’d rather tell you about what happened today. Well, I just woke up and reading all the comments on social media.

I was third in line at the precinct where I voted, a line for senior citizens. The first two gentlemen were in conversation and the first showed his kodigo. The second one asked “bakit si Lito Lapid?”  (Why Lito Lapid?) The first one answered, “magaling ayan na actor sa Ang Provinciano”.  (a a good actor in the television series Ang Provinciano. ) My goodness, their  penchant for voting actors  and popular personalities during election  is still in place. I never watch the show so I really don’t know if Lapid is there. Good thing he also carried Bam Aquino, Samira Gutoc, Mar Roxas Chel Diokno, all oppositions and my candidates. As a backgrounder, Lapid was a former senator but you can’t even count on your fingers what bills he authored and were passed into law. Back in 2012, Lapid’s wife was arrested for smuggling $50,000.00 into the US. She is a green card holder. She didn’t report a series of dollar cash deposits made into her account.

When Nissa was done voting after an hour-long wait. We took a Grab car going to SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. By way of conversation, I asked the driver if he has already voted, he said he was not a registered voter. He is from Mindanao, Davao to be exact…haha. Ah, I said, Duterte country. Nissa nudged me at the elbow, the driver just smiled. It was an uneventful trip.

Nissa has reserved lunch at 11 am at one of the restaurants there. They accepted it not knowing that the mall opens at 12 pm because of the election. We had no option but to seek another venue somewhere in Greenhills. We had a short Grab car ride going to the place. It was a Chinese restaurant. On our ten-minute ride there, the owner of the car was so talkative. He asked where we voted and we said Cainta. He said that he wished his family could transfer to our place because our incumbent mayor is so good and responsible. The former is from another town in Rizal.  We talked about the election going on, the cheatings by some candidates etc.  I brought home some food for dinner then slept.

I am still hoping and praying,  the election would have a favorable result.



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We’ve changed venues (church) two months ago. We now attend our very own  Parish here in Midtown instead of going to the town to attend Sunday Masses. Sometimes, we walk.  It is just a ten-minute walk from our place. Sometimes, we ride on e-bikes to get there on time. We usually attend the 6 am mass, the first mass of the day.

Oreo is used now with us bringing him along on Sundays. Every time he sees me dressed for mass, he guards the door and keeps barking until we put the leash on him which is a signal that he could come along with us.  It is his weekly exercise too. He is  usually quiet in the middle of the service. This morning though, he saw another dog at the patio  of the church (on leash too). He can’t keep quiet and wanted to go down and mingle.   Jovy says he is so spoiled because sometimes we treat him as a baby here and  he loves it.

I haven’t done any reading for about two days now. I am half-way with Merton’s autobio and about to finish a book  about 20th century America. I have always loved reading historical books, be they are novels or not. There is something nice about knowing what happened in the past. Done with 60 books since January, half of what I set myself to read this year.

Watched the debate of the senatorial candidates last night on television held at my alma mater, University of Santo Tomas and was sponsored by CNN Philippines. Some people who belong to the administration said it was staged by the opposition, Otso Diretso candidates. May I just say that they are more prepared to debate on issues important to the country? They have platforms which the administration candidates don’t seem to have. Election day will be in two weeks and voters should have discerned enough on who to vote for to govern the country.

As I have always said, I don’t believe in surveys. Surveys represent a mere trickle of the total voting population. Some are there to mislead everyone who they should vote for. They are paid ads meant to condition the minds of those who haven’t chosen who to vote for. And they could be manipulated.

It is your right to choose the best man for the job but please be discerning enough that he knows the responsibilities and duties attached to it. Popularity is not a basis for choosing the best, having the best doable platform is.

The real survey happens on May 13.  Wish us luck guys and pray for us too that it would be a clean and honest election.

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In a few months we’ll have another national election and except for the presidential position, we’ll have to elect another set of twelve senators, congressmen, mayors etc.  Politics is dirty unless a political aspirant and winner is an honest man. Last year, many were victims of killings, some were incumbent local officials across the land.

Last year, three priests were killed in six months, one was injured. Yesterday, I was surprised to see the news on TV about the bombing of the Cathedral of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Sulu. The first went off inside the church at around 8:15 am when a mass was about to begin and the second explosion happened in the Cathedral’s parking area as troops from the 35th Infantry Battalion responded. As of yesterday, 27 mass goers were killed and more than 77 were injured.  Even those who responded to the scene were also injured.  Is this a terrorist attack?

Photo from inquirer.net

It is plain enough that Duterte  hates the Catholic church, he hates the priests and bishops. A few months ago he even told the people to kill bishops because he said they are rich.  He curses God and says he is a Moslem but he celebrates Christmas and has a crucifix in his room. He was seen in other photos kneeling down and praying in a Catholic church.  I wonder why he is so silent about the incident.  Those bombers must have been influenced by his hate speech. Every time he opens his mouth, either he curses or threatens those who don’t agree with his way of governing.

Congress is hell-bent in lowering the age limit of kids who commit crimes from 15 to 9 years old. Children are not criminals, they are rather influenced by people they mingle with. We’re supposed to protect them and give them a chance to reform and grow into responsible citizens. Arroyo (yes, she is that “pandak” ex-president)said it is the mandate of  Duterte.  It is so obvious that these people are not after the welfare of the Filipino people, they are self-serving.

Where are we going?

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Would you believe, we are now at the end  of November. It seems like it was just yesterday that 2018 has come to our doorstep and yet, there is one more month to go before 2018 leaves us  and  we have to welcome another year. I wonder what 2019 would bring us. Not really looking forward to it. The political climate here in our country is not doing quite well and 2019 would be another election year for half of the senators, our congressmen and  our local officials. This early, politicking and early campaigning is what we see every day in social media.

I have no more faith in the political system here. Unless most voters wake up to reality and vote for those with integrity and genuine love for the people and the country, nothing changes. The president has just appointed another lackey in the Supreme Court. When he appointed the retired SC justice who served for just more than forty days a few months ago, he said it is based on seniority but that is only applied to his obsequious followers or what we locally know as his “alipores”. The president is consistent on being inconsistent. What a sad world we live in.

Here comes the next appointment  and I was rallying for Justice Carpio who is the most senior, the most qualified and  was one of the negotiators in the  Hague ruling on the West Philippine Sea  and we won. An honest, dedicated, honorable justice of the land. But he chose to appoint  someone who had made those unpalatable decisions in the past.  The guy is responsible for the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao and its extension, he allowed Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani despite public protests that he was not a hero, he was responsible for the arrest order of Sen. Leila de Lima who is now languishing in jail even if she is innocent of the accusations on her, he allowed Sen. Enrile to be out on bail supposedly for health reasons but look at  Enrile now, he would run again for senator at the age of 94.  He was also responsible of Chief Justice Sereno’s ouster just because like Sen. de Lima, she is not lined up with the present administration.

Clearly, the president has the judiciary, executive and legislative branches of the land in his hands.  He creates diversionary tactics  so  people would not talk about the true issue which is his connivance with China. Would it be right to say that he sold us to China?  He keeps on maligning the Catholic Church even to the point of blaspheming God and accusing one of our bishops that he is into drugs.  He is clearly not concerned about those tons of drugs from China that enters the country. Maybe it is true, this is just a fake war on drugs. All those big time drug lords are scot-free and some are even his friends.  He deported a nun  back to Australia who had been staying here serving the poor for so many years but is so defensive about the Chinese illegal immigrants who are working here illegally too. Suffice to say, he loves China but not the Filipino people he promised to served. A subservient to the Chinese president.

I am wondering, is this the norm now in Philippine politics? Such a crazy world and yes, some die-hard believers of the president like this brand of leadership. I don’t.

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They say luck comes in threes. The other day, we witnessed the Regional Trial Court 148 deciding a “no  arrest warrant” for Sen. Sonny Trillanes. And that was good. We rejoiced. The law was upheld.

Yesterday, Facebook (Philippines) closed and deleted around 95 pages and sites of pro-Duterte and Imee  Marcos followers that proliferate FAKE news. They’ve been at it since before the start of the 2016 National Election making up those fake sites, substituting photos to some authentic happenings and events on the net.  I’d like to think  Duterte won because of the hundreds of social media trolls that they engaged in.

Finally, finally, yesterday, Facebook put a stop to it and the DDS warriors (Duterte followers) are up in arms complaining about it. It’s about time. Shaming people on social media  is not a right. Using Facebook is a given privilege to get in touch with other people.  Imagine seeing spliced videos and cropped photos, substituted faces of their “gods” from  legit sites. It was really annoying. Now we can breathe easy those sites were closed. But I hope people would stay vigilant. These DDS I am sure would use legit sites to make ugly and hideous comments to get their message across. There is still Instagram and Twitter. I hope and pray these two sites would do the same, ban all these  pages.

I am wondering what the next thing will be. Those who are against Sen. Trillanes are making all means for him to go back in jail. Why resurrect something that has long been closed because of envy and greed?  Personal vendetta? They should concentrate on catching those big-time drug lords who freely bring in drugs here in our country. And instead of helping the whistle blowers who knew what happened, they removed them from office instead.

Exactly six years ago, I had this pre-birthday celebration with friends at Saisaki in Megamall courtesy of a balikbayan friend that I met at our Catholic page.

In front with me are Fr. Louie Coronel, OP and his mum. Fr. Louie is our chief admin at our Catholic page.

Having old friends around and meeting new ones, what a blessing!

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This is quite a long story. Out of maybe hate  for Sen. Trillanes’  investigation on Calida’s contracts with the government when he was still  a part of it, the latter forced Pres. Duterte’s hand to issue proclamation 572 saying that Sen. Trillanes (back when he was still a soldier) did not file an application for amnesty  when he was jailed for seven years and was granted amnesty back in 2011 by then Pres. Aquino.  He has since resigned when he ran and he won as Senator  back in 2010.

The Dept. of Justice filed a motion for his arrest in two courts in Makati.  The first  judge let him out on bail while Judge Soriano dismissed the case  a few hours ago after almost two months studying the case and reviewing all the papers submitted by Sen. Trillanes. What has been decided upon previously can no longer be overruled. A single solitary voice showed what true justice is. And in a world where most Filipinos are losing their faith in the justice system, Judge Soriano stood for all of us.

I am so glad democracy is still working in our land. Those trolls and Duterte diehards rejoiced earlier and they were so excited to see Sen. Trillanes in jail. Sorry for you guys, Judge Soriano is a fair judge, he could not be dictated upon by your  president.

Here’s a link on what happened today  at Makati RTC Branch 148 and here’s photo of a triumphant smile from Sen. Trillanes.

He is the only one brave enough and outspoken enough to question the wrongdoings of this government.

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I can’t help but react when I watched his video on Facebook. Yes, I cried (they are tears of joy of course).

For several months now, people are urging him to run again for a Senate seat. He lost  to Duterte during the 2016 presidential election. You can’t win, those bots and trolls who were kept busy destroying the man, making FAKE news  about him. His  political enemies were at their best propagating those lies.

After months of discernment, he said it was really hard to decide. He is now enjoying being a private citizen, bonding with his family, visiting several provinces here in the Philippines, mountain climbing with his wife.

He knows about the problems the country and its people are facing now.  He said he has given his all during the past government posts  but he cannot just turn his back on us and the problems our economy faces right now. Is he willing? YES!  He is asking for our help because he could  not do it alone.  He needs us to be there behind him.

I just remembered, I  still have the baller bracelet  of Mar which Nissa gave me during the 2016 presidential election.

Thanks Sen. Mar. You gave us hope.

MAR ROXAS for the win.

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