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She Has Grown

I was playing with Cookie the other day. She gave me a kiss when she went out of their room. Although she is only eight-month old, she is more affectionate than Oreo. The latter is now so independent and territorial. As for Cookie, even if the door is slightly open, she would not enter unless you call her. I took a few shots of her and compared to some of her photos when we brought her home at more than a month. She was so tiny then and was not used to puppy food. She eventually learned to enjoy taking a bath whereas a few months ago, she was afraid of the water.

At 8.5 kilos she is far too heavier than Oreo at 5.5 kilos.

They say that dogs are the most loyal friends. I watched a video some days ago. The dog was watching the niche/tomb of the man who recently died. He was his friend and caretaker.

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Took shot of this early this morning. I was looking at the flowers of my Adenium when I noticed one of our kitties, she is a bonus…haha!

At peace. All is right in her world.

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It is Oreo’s third birthday. They say that the equivalent dog years depend on the breed of the dog and on how big or small they are. For a poodle, Oreo is fully grown.

We took lots of pictures of course. He has lots of Dentastix, 2 cartoons of doggie milk and three kilos of dog food as gifts. There was this single small slipper as a freebie from where we bought the decor, buntings and balloon but it was a toy for him, it has a pretty sound when he shakes it.

What a lovely birthday, the humans enjoyed the food – pancit bihon, calamare and a medium-sized boodle bilao which has fried rice, lumpia, fried chicken, grilled pork slices, pork sisig and even eggplant and salted egg.

Happy third birthday Oreo.

That doggie cake has liver but I wonder what they used to color its face. Does it looks like Oreo?

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We were at the garden this afternoon including Oreo. He has now learned to bark or whine when he wants to go out and pee. Dogs are intelligent, aren’t they?  When we are outside and are busy, we make him sit on the ledge of the front window. He couldn’t jump because it is high. Good thing he is friendly with our other dog Noki but when he is inside the car and Noki shows his face near it, he barks. Quite territorial. He goes with Josef and Jovy  when they visit the latter’s  grandma every week.

I took a photo of him earlier. I think he needs another trim, I could barely see his eyes.


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Our Shih Poo Oreo is always curious when the car leaves the garage and he know when he is supposed to go with us or with Jovy and Josef because we put on his harness. For small pets, harness is more comfortable to them than having a dog collar.  He always guards the door when we are leaving and waits for us to carry him outside. I took a few shots before they left a while ago with Oreo in tow.


He just took a bath here and he is quite excited.


He looks like a cuddly bear.


Curious where he is going….haha!


Ready, set…..go!

In human years, he’ll be turning two this coming February. Another year to celebrate with Oreo 🙂

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I was at the mall yesterday to buy some toiletries  and a Christmas gift for Oreo.  The latter is the last on my list. His favorite toy is a  stuffed head of a bear mounted on a stick. As you might have  guessed, the stick is gone now and what is left is the tattered head of the bear. I always wash it  but after two or three days, it gets dirty again. When you see it in his mouth and he comes near you, it’s time to play. Toss it somewhere and he’ll be quick to jump, run and bite one ear of the bear head and bring it back. Toss it again and the same thing happens until he is probably weary of it and will just sit besides you while you are watching the news on television.

When we are eating lunch or dinner, one seat is allotted to him. He will press his head at the side of the dining table with one paw folded and the other hanging out.  He won’t touch anything, it’s enough for him to watch us eat.  Try to put a cup of coffee for him to smell and he would turn his nose out.  He doesn’t like the smell of coffee…haha 🙂

Oreo with Nissa at the garden.

He has become playful though. I transferred some variegated white and green grass plants on a small pot for our side table. Gosh, he likes to chew those fresh leaves.  That is why I haven’t put up our tall Christmas tree, he might play with the trimmings that his mouth can reach.

Going back to the gift. I bought him a soft toy to play with and I have to wrap it first so he could open it on Christmas day. This is the first Christmas  that he will spend with us since we bought him a month after he was born.  Jovy is also planning that we will celebrate his first birthday come February.

He is currently asleep near me while I am writing this blog probably dreaming  of something more  to  chew come Christmas day.

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Hello From Oreo

He can’t contain his mirth

He romps, he jumps

he spins and barks his way

to the door.

He seems to say,

“Pick me up please, they’re here”.

(That was while the car was slowly entering the garage).  He was excited. If he could speak instead of bark, he’ll say, “I’m happy”.



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It’s  been only two days without blogging but it felt like a week. I don’t know, I was not just inspired  but  thank you just the same to those who regularly visit my blog. Getting an average view of 250 to 300 a day is not bad and registering finally a total of 150,186  stats for this blog alone is simply amazing.  May I invite you to visit my  two  other blogs here? One is my attempt to keep a garden and the third one records my love for photography.  I feel that a photo blog should be just that, photos with some reflections in between. What I mean is those photos are lovelier than the ones I regularly post here.

I’ve been busy gardening the past two days with our new pet hanging around like she owns my small garden. She’s actually behaved but she can’t resist inching her body between my newly trimmed Fukien tea and my flowering dwarf Pandakaki. Our two other dogs get jealous  once in a while , showing off and sliding their bodies backward just to get my attention. I am having some friends over next week for lunch. It’s an early celebration for my birthday.  It would be nice to catch up again on each other, seeing each others’  faces that is, instead of  just staying in front of the computer and uttering endless hehehe or hahaha or simply putting smiley characters on each comment we make.  A luxury of time really to spend  a day  with one another despite their busy schedules.

A friend told me once that celebrating a birthday is actually counting the start of another year in your life  so instead of greeting me happy birthday, he says, happy new year. It makes sense because you look forward to another lovely and blessed year.  One gets a little sentimental, one gets a little teary-eyed remembering the early years but then, that’s what birthdays are for – reminiscing and giving thanks to God. Thank you Lord for the happy years and although the start of 2012  was full of pain and heartbreak, still I’ll remember this with fondness. Soon, I’ll be a certified Nonna to my first grandchild  and I am sharing the joys of having a priest son in a few days.  Graces come with endless blessings.

It gets a little boring sometime so early this evening after supper, I baked peanut butter cookies using only three ingredients which I found on the net. Using a cup of peanut butter, a half cup of sugar and one egg, you could mold at least nine chewy peanut butter cookies. You don’t need to measure everything here, using a spoon will do and you can bake it for about eight to ten minutes. This yielded about nine cookies three of which  I ate with a  cup of  hot green tea.

And didn’t I say that when you’re bored, baking cookies does the trick?

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And I’d rather call this album, the language of cats. We used to have three  cats in the house. They multiply rapidly so one time I even thought of having them neutered. We never got the chance to name them properly except that  they were called  Uno, Dos, Tres.  Not very original I guess, but the easiest to remember.

Yes, they were all females  and they all answered to the name Miming. They are all gone now, they just upped and left, one by one. I wonder why, in all the years that we had cats as pets, we never saw them die inside the yard. An old friend said that if they fall ill, they  leave the house and stay somewhere else. All we have now is an all-white kitten which my mom adopted a month  ago when we saw it lodged near our overhead water tank, crying and probably looking for food.  I have around fifty pictures of them, taken at different days but I love the following shots when they were not just sleeping or staying in a corner at peace with the world but busy  climbing our ampalaya trellis and exploring.

What’s in there?

I am all alone here, they won’t see me….

Then there were three. This is a favorite place, our concrete garden set where I sometimes read and update my journal.

Looking for what?

And she said,  “better make it good” when she saw me with a camera.

Don’t disturb, can’t you see I am having a nap?

Oh no, don’t….I am camera shy!

This is my space…..

Ah, the adventure begins!

Uno said, I can do it…I can climb too, better than you can….

Tired finally and the cats’ day out is over.

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It’s one  of those mornings when one sees a nice surprise waiting to be discovered. What a good way to start the day! Good morning world….

This is our cat Miming,  so serene and so peaceful. Sometimes you wish life is this simple. She is all over the place, sometimes perched in one of the branches of our avocado tree, at other times occupying a large  pot  of  my newly planted mint. She doesn’t mind the noise of the cars and motorcycles passing by, she just closes her eyes and transports herself in a dream world.

And this discovery really made my day – my Sanggumay orchid in bloom. It was hiding behind the robust leaves of my Iris plant.

A red foxtail flower. What does it reminds you of, a feather duster , right?


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