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Whether it’s a love relationship or just a platonic friendship, some connections are deeper than others.  You feel like they have been there forever.  Sometimes, it feels as if you’ve known one another your entire lives.  Our perception of soul mates are mostly based on movies, televisions and books but the metaphysical definition of a soul mate is someone you knew in your past life and it has been found through research that it is mostly karmic.  They are predestined by your soul but not your personality before you were even born.  We have many soul mates but our personalities and emotional baggage sometimes interfere with our relationships.  Not all soul mates are meant to be long-term or harmonious.

And here’s what Jaime Licauco, a foremost authority on mind development, paranormal activities and mysticism has to say in his book, Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation:

Soul mates need not be of the opposite sex.  There is a very strong telepathic rapport between soul mates such that one will know what the other is thinking of or planning to do before he/she does it. One will know if the other needs him or is calling him by merely tuning in on her  with his mental apparatus.  In most cases, the rapport will be so perfect that they themselves would be surprised at the seeming power or knowledge one has about the other.

What is important to keep in mind in a soul mate encounter  is that external circumstances, such as social status, religious or political differences and social conventions do not and will not matter at all.  Two souls meet when it is time for them to meet.  In a soul mate encounter, there are hardly any “ifs”  or “buts” although the lower intellect or reason may struggle against it.

There is also something to be said about the exchange of energies between two soul mates.  When they meet, the atmosphere becomes magnetically charged.  The two auras merge, forming a whole.

The physical attraction between soul mates is very strong, but it is not a predominant or primary consideration.  It is a means towards the higher goals of spiritual unity, never an end to itself.

A soul mate relationship may even be traumatic at times.  There may have been unresolved conflicts in the past that may be brought into the present lifetime’s encounter.  The partners need to resolve these conflicts to progress together spiritually.  But despite these conflicts, soul mates fully realize the true nature of their involvement with each other and can usually weather the storm.


There is even a topic on how to meet your soul mate, how to recognize your soul mate etc. But one thing important that I  learned in this book is this” a soul mate leads you to God and to your spiritual destiny”.

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