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Do They Still Sell?

I wonder if nationwide newspaper still sells nowadays. With the proliferation of online news on social media and real-time reporting on radios and on television, I really feel so lazy reading a newspaper. I’d rather read online news without those many and sometimes full-page ads that distract reading.

The Philippine Star is given free to customers at Jollibee. You just have to ask for a copy. This morning I  requested for one and scanned the headlines while eating breakfast. I  usually only read the Lifestyle section and the Opinion pages.

There is a byline there that I  have been following thru the years online.  The author is a seventy something widow but she recently got married again. She writes once a week about life in general, her friends and her activities in particular and I love it when she writes about her family, his grandsons, and how she spend her days in between.

Years ago, we used to subscribe every weekend  because that was the only time that we could sit down and read newspapers.  That too is gone now.  Watching news on television is more appealing.


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