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I am using another suggestion from Jetpack telling us to write about our first computer. But I have written about this years ago on December 2016. My first computer was of course, the ever reliable pencil. Here’s a part of my previous blog post:

“We all learned the art of writing words and our alphabets through this, right? The ever reliable pencil with an eraser at the tip. I remember when I was in grade one, we used to write  with those black pencils as big as my  fingers.  At some point the eraser comes off because we bite it during those hard times when we can’t follow instructions from our teachers.  Now erasers come in different sizes, in different colors and even in different scents.  They look like candies  to the untrained eye. The pencil   as we know today comes in a protective casing made of wood  or plastic and painted in different colors. Those various shapes and colors of sharpeners are a dream too. Despite the modern technology that we have now, this popular writing tool is still being used. It’s our first computer, so to speak.”

Joking aside though, we had our first ever PC before my youngest brother Noel migrated to the US back in 1991. He bought the monitor, mouse and the keyboard but he assembled the CPU piece by piece. Every night after coming home from work, he would bring out his tool set and attach another piece to the CPU board. We all cheered when he got it running. When he left for the US, he taught us to communicate with him via ICQ. A little further on, we switched to Viber. We used that first assembled computer for a while until he came back after a year and bought a new one.


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