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This is my 1,920th blog post, WordPress says. I can’t believe I’ve reached this far after more than seven years of blogging. My four other blogs are not included in this count. If I will include them I will reach more than 2,000.

We attended Sunday mass early today. Left the house at 6am to catch up with the 6:30 am mass. The priest’s homily was good. It was an enlightening one and it made  me feel a little nostalgic. It’s good when it is an application of the gospel, more than repeating it to the congregation. I think we understand it better that way.

Yesterday we celebrated the 31st anniversary of the People  Power Revolution. We were there thirty-one years ago. My son then was only about a year old. I remember the four days of  the military and the people meeting together for one purpose, to oust a dictator and to regain our democracy. Fast forward today, unluckily we have another dictator in the making. It’s been seven months since the new administration  took over but I couldn’t see the light of the day except for more than 7,000 killed in the process. Even our peso which was so strong a year ago is going, down, down, down.  The Philippines is no longer the tiger economy of Asia. Our economy is slowly eroding. It’s sad that we have to be in this again after so many years of enjoying a robust economy.  This administration is vindictive. Last Friday, they jailed its number one enemy in the person of Senator Leila de Lima. She was put to jail based on the testimonies  of  high-profile jail inmates while the latter were granted  state witness status against Sen. de Lima . They are in jail but are given to privilege of having these amenities like air con, televisions, cellphones and the like.So sad really. Baliktad na ang mundo.

I dare not mention names here, perhaps you all know what is happening in our country.




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