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I love my headset. I can always listen to my favorite music and sometimes watch films on YouTube.

Tonight is one of those that I treasure, listening to the music of Rod McKuen and Henry Mancini.  I was reading  some early posts about Rod McKuen then thought of listening to his husky voice while he recites some poems and sings his songs.  He is not probably popular with kids and the millennial  nowadays. I agree, there is only one Rod McKuen. He shared his music to the world and his poems.  I always get inspired  reading his words and listening  to his music.

I remember Mary Anne, a friend I met back in our Multiply days.  She died about two years ago,  a previous blogger here at WordPress too.  She sent me two CDs of Henry Mancini one birthday years ago. She knew I love Mancini’s music and she loved it too. Wherever you are Mary Anne, let us listen to your favorite.

My love of Mancini started when I  watched the movie  adaptation of The  Thorn Birds (a book by Colleen McCullough)  The theme song was just heavenly  so I looked for more of his compositions and there are several in YouTube.  I am presently listening to The Very Best of Henry Mancini while writing this.  Think of The Pink Panther, Moon River, Days of Wine and Roses, How Soon, Two for the Road. I could go on and on. They are wonderful music of days gone by.

My night is filled with music.


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I grew up in the sixties so I could really relate.

I was in grade school when I first heard of The Beatles. My high school years were all about the 60’s music and early 70’s too.  Last night after dinner while I was in front of my PC reading blog posts, Josef entered the room and said “you will surely enjoy this Ma”  placing his cellphone near me.  Then I heard those lovely tunes of the 60’s.  Various artists, so many songs. They took me back to  my early childhood. I listened for more than an hour to lovely songs  of old. I asked him if he downloaded them from YouTube. He said he didn’t.  Think of The Animals, The Hollies, The Monkees, Simon and Garfunkel, Frankie Valli, Dave Clark Five,The Fifth Dimension, Roy Orbison   to name a few. There are so many of them, I could not remember all the groups but the songs  are so familiar. I remember the cassette tape I had before about the British Invasion and those CDs I used to buy on soul music of the 70’s. Now I only listen on YouTube while using the computer.

It makes me think, the 60’s  were  the most productive years  when it comes to this type of music.  Feel the beat.  Listen to the music.


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Oh please, don’t laugh.

Yes, I know some of you are pretty smiling right now.

I am having a LSS. You know, that moment when you wake up from a short afternoon nap and your head is full of a lovely melody and you begin to sing along. I have no option  but to open my PC and search  for this song.  YouTube is a little helpful when you feel nostalgic with the old days.  Those dreams you had three decades ago,  when you were just learning that falling in love was a wonderful feeling but it was  full of pain.  I was seventeen.

Now I know you’re laughing.

I borrowed Josef’s headset  and searched for the song Only Friends. Why can’t I remember who sang it? Back when I was still new to blogging, I made a blog post about last song syndrome.

I found this site with plenty of uploaded Lettermen songs, old favorites like Traces, Morning Girl, Dedicated To The One I Love, This Guy’s In Love With You ( I love the version of Burt Bacharach though)  and of course Only Friends. I know listening to them now seems a bit silly but the music is more soothing compared to the noise I hear nowadays.  And do you know, here in my corner of the world, Sundays are dedicated to the oldies and the senior citizens or what you call in their heyday, the baby boomers.  You will always find  FM and AM  bands playing the songs of the 60’s and the 70’s all day long.  You wonder, those were the days, those days you were growing up and all you had was a single turntable and your 45.  Those were the days too when you used to write on small  Hello Kitty notebooks with a  Hello Kitty pen.

Sometimes I let my mind
Drift endlessly and in the wind
your face I see
smile gently as you turn to pass

But the love that I once had for you
Is gone so is the meaning too
I guess it never really had a chance
to last………

The love is gone but the memory made you smile  🙂



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I haven’t blogged for more than a week. Has it been that long?  My mom’s 84th birthday celebration last Saturday  was a mini-reunion for my two brothers, their families and Nissa’s family sans of course our youngest  brother and his family whom I haven’t seen for more than five years but we get in touch often through phone calls and e-mails. He’s been in the United States since 1991 and he has embraced the American way of life.

Josef and I embarked on a bold project of painting our grills and two front gates over the weekend.  It’s fun to undergo something like this but the heat hinders us from working the whole day. Anyway, our gates are sporting a new look – in bold reddish maroon color. We were able to finish painting the two spans of metal grills fronting the house and there is a lot more to do in the coming weekends. It’s good, paints nowadays no longer have that strong smell that makes you cough. Davies paints are odorless and easy to apply. You need to have a good brush and roller though to make everything smooth. It is an accomplishment that I am proud of.

Last night, I dreamed I was teacher. Yes, I was teaching high school kids to appreciate music. It’s not the kind though where you need to recognize wind instruments and chimes or guitars. I was teaching them how to listen to David Cassidy singing Cherish and The Associations belting out their more popular Never My Love. Ancient you might say but I remember in my dream telling them about the British Invasion in the music world and what baby boomer means :).  Earlier on, a friend posted some old, old songs from YouTube and it made me remember being a child of the sixties. Then I suddenly thought of  teen idol David Cassidy. I was in high school during the early seventies and one such program that I never failed to watch was The Partridge Family. Never mind that we didn’t have our own TV set and just viewed the series on a small black and white unit of our neighbor whose children loved the same program.  It was such a poignant reminiscing of the good old days. I also remember another figure that I loved, Mark Lester. I used to scrimp on my allowance just to be able to buy the monthly issues of Jingle Chordbook magazines where most of the time, they had colored posters of popular singers back then.  I never learned  how to play the guitar though because my eldest brother who taught me was left-handed and even if I could read the chords it was hard to interpret it when you were  holding it the other way. My dad used to play the guitar and even composed some songs in the vernacular and one of my uncles played the violin. I guess I was the only one who never learned, but I am proud to say I could carry a tune. So much for dreams and music.  Hearing your favorite tunes from childhood makes you smile.


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It’s been raining cats and dogs since last night and I am glad that I attended an anticipated mass earlier. When I woke up this morning, it was again raining hard, a downpour that  you could do nothing about except to  look out of the window and count the splash brought by some cars braving the heavy downpour.  Yes, a hot cup of coffee would ease the sense of let-down that one feels  but this I guess is also the best time to let your mind wanders. There are things and events that are best remembered on rainy days, memories that give that smile on your face and lit your world like a 100-watt bulb  sans the pain of recalling  the sad times.

Music always brings  that glow of remembrance and the selections at YouTube come in handy when you are reminiscing the good old days. Perhaps you’ll agree with me that the rainy days are the best times to reminisce  or simply put, I may just be growing old. I don’t know but I am having a blast right now listening to Stars on 45  by the Beatles and the Carpenters before that.  And you guess it, my mom used to sing with the Carpenters while making peculiar dance steps alternately with  my baby daughter and her older cousin by a few months.  And you guess it right again, her favorite was Top Of The World 🙂 by Karen Carpenter, the best female vocalist of her time.  That was twenty-nine years ago and my daughter is expecting a son in a few months.  How time really flies!

I am never tempted to watch television on a Sunday, I’d rather catch up on my reading or update my blog, or chat with some friends at our closed group on FB.  So you see, that’s multi-tasking to the max.  I am looking for  more rainy day songs to borrow and upload here at WordPress.  And I remember the other blog I did a year ago, about having LSS when a favorite actor during my high school days added me up in his friend’s list.  So of course here’s first on the list, Rainy Days and Mondays by Karen Carpenter.

And don’t you just love The Cascades?

And this one is the best I think, from the Cascades, one of my favorite groups of the sixties.

And that’s how rainy days and  Sundays go, listening to music and remembering a period in one’s life with fondness.

(Thanks to Vinyl solution, Nelson Wilby  and YouTube for all these great songs)

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Love’s Theme, Somewhere In Time, Theme From Sunflower, Summer of 42, Percy Faith, Mantovani, Mancini, Paul Mauriat.

Or maybe I am an old soul, liking  instrumental music on a rainy night like this. There is something so nostalgic  listening to the music of old.  Last night, I visited my blog at Multiply and played most of the CDs  that I painstakingly uploaded from my collection.  How I’ve missed the  peace and quiet at Multiply, exchanging comments with a few close friends  compared to the hustle and bustle of  Facebook.  It gets to a point where you no longer want to read what a friend is having for lunch or dinner or what places your friends will visit next or the incongruous shout-outs from some online friends. Maybe I am getting old. I’ve just changed the music to You’re So Vain by Carly Simon and tapping my foot to the rhythm of the music.

The other day, I was delighted to receive a CD from a friend in the US. He sent it through his sister via mail. It’s Tony Bennett’s Duets featuring the likes of  Bono, Michael Bublé, Celine Dion, Diana Krall, George Michael, Barbra Streisand and other famous artists  from the sixties to the present. When I saw the music list, I was surprised to see the name of  Paul McCartney too and I thought, jazz, ballads and R & B  don’t simply mix in one album but it did. It was a beautiful collection, a celebration of the 80th birthday of Tony Bennett.

Music can make you feel happy, it can make you feel sad, it can make you feel like singing too but as long as the emotion is there, you’re okay. It can fill up the void  of feeling alone at times. Aldous Huxley couldn’t have expressed it better when he said ,”After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

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There were times in my past posts when I would blog about saying goodbye to the receding month and saying hello to the new one. Lately though, life has been a bit muddled so I completely forgot all about it.  April was uneventful except for the time that two more members of my online Apostolate came over to meet me. It was the first time we saw each other after almost two years of exchanging comments at our group.  Carolyn came  home for a two-week vacation and Nestel who works in Angola came over from Bataan just to meet me. These are those times that I truly feel grateful for having friends who show that they care. Lilet  of course has been here  several times already so she knows the place very well.

Ah yes,I almost forgot,  Bobic, my eight-year old niece tagged along when my brother and sis-in-law brought back Mom from  a month stay in the province and we celebrated the latter’s 83rd birthday last Saturday.  My niece was brandishing a new cellphone which is even better than the one I am using. She proudly told us that she got the highest honors in Grade III so my brother bought her a new one. I wonder if this is practical considering her age but she could navigate every gadget she gets her hands on in a matter of minutes, and her texts come with smiley emoticons 🙂  She promised to take a short vacation  here once her advance summer class is through.

Come to think of it, I am listening to some songs in YouTube while typing this blog, humming along with the music, It Must Have Been Love from the movie Pretty Woman. Sometimes, just sometimes, I miss listening to songs  like this, definitely a  I am happy-you-made-my-day kind of feeling, if you know what I mean.  Next in line is Richard Harris’ MacArthur Park, another favorite . Goodness, it’s the thrill of listening to these old, old songs that makes me smile. One thing though that I am always reminded of every time month of May sets in is the song by The Bee Gees, First of May. That completes the nostalgia trip….haha!  I created a new account at Facebook because I am trimming down my contacts exclusively for close friends and will use it as repository for my blogs here on WordPress.  I thought of using  networked blogs, on second thought I don’t want to link every blog I post here.  And I was laughing out loud when a friend made a marathon of reading my links and even had a nostalgia trip reading I Do All My Crying In The Rain because she could relate. We both admire Cocoy Laurel. Those were the days, the days of Lollipops and Roses. 

And in between updating my wall, I am trying to finish Stephen King’s Cell.  This has been with me for the past three years, a book sent by a high school classmate from the US but it’s only now that I got the time to read it. You don’t read Stephen King’s books at night, do you? Because I am sure that if you do, you’ll get a nightmare.

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