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That was a nice meeting with Mayor Kit at our village basketball court together with other homeowners of the subdivision. We tackled the present problems of the subdivision. We were able to voice out our opinions in the process.

As in the previous times that I’ve met him, he is so down to earth and really listens. His sense of humor is such that we were laughing all throughout the meeting. He has more projects for Cainta especially¬† for the flood-prone areas of our town which will start next year. It is his third term this coming election. I doubt if anyone else would win over the guy. He has done so much for our town. For the past three years we were the number one town in the whole Philippines. Ours is not yet a city but it is rich, infrastructures and other projects are always being done to improve it.

You can count in your hands politicians who are honest and do their jobs well, Our mayor is one. Hats off to you sir.

I brought Oreo so he could exercise too and he got lots of admirers….haha ūüôā


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Just when I thought of watching television after a long time, there goes our non-existent channels. I wonder what happened to our cable connection. Only about five or six local channels are there. I used to watch Asian Food Channel when I am free but now the message says, you have to subscribe first before watching. What happened to CNN, Fox TV and BBC? They don’t appear.

Attended the early morning mass.¬† The retablo is presently being renovated in time for the Canonical¬† Coronation of Our Lady of¬† Light come December 1. The¬† center aisle was replaced with new tiles too. So nice to see these major renovations to our Parish.¬† Our Lady of Light is the patron saint of the town.¬† Four years ago, under the leadership of our present mayor¬† Nieto,¬† the¬†SumBingTik Festival was first celebrated.¬† It is an annual cultural festival held on December 1.¬†The term “sumbingtik” is¬† a portmanteau of bibingka, suman¬†¬†and latik,¬† the town’s native delicacies.

Proud of our Mayor and proud to live in this place. Lately, it has received these awards.

CAINTA sweeps  all categories in the 2018 PMAP awards night held at the Asean Convention Center.. Grand Slam Winner for the Public Sector.

Employer of the Year – Municipality of Cainta

People Program of the Year – May Laban ang Mahirap…¬†Cainta Municipal Hospital

People Manager of the Year – Atty. Mayor Kit Nieto.

Cainta will represent Luzon in all categories for the public sector after winning the regional competition. PMAP is the People Management Association of the Philippines.

The local government here in our place is definitely something to be proud of.


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Wow, listening to the Philippine National Anthem makes me feel so proud to be a Filipino.

I went early to the municipal hall this morning and chanced upon their Monday  flag raising ceremony. Complete with a band and most employees of the municipio,  it was really a lovely site to see.

Paying taxes, one of our duties and responsibilities as Filipino citizens. I pay our realty tax every January of each year. I was just surprised the tax on lots increased by  almost 10%. I was told that they increase every three years.  Considering the many, many projects and improvements that our good town mayor is initiating, I guess it is okay. Our town has been the overall number one in all towns in the Philippines for three consecutive years now. In terms of improvements and the way it is run, I could not really complain. We are lucky to have elected a very responsible  and industrious town mayor.

Kudos  Mayor Kit!


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I was doing a little gardening this afternoon when I heard¬† the doorbell ring. A Cainta van was in front of our gate.¬† The two employees of the municipal hall asked me when my birthday is. One even sang a happy birthday. I was surprised.¬† They gave me this¬† bag of groceries and a big umbrella from the Mayor’s office.

One of our neighbors said months ago that they give birthday gifts to senior citizens every year.¬† This is my first time to receive one.¬† I truly appreciate this, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Have I told you that  recently our town  was given recognition of excellence, a well-managed town among all the towns in the Philippines?  It is the richest town among all towns outside Metro Manila.  I think  we received the awards for three straight years. Mayor Kit is the best, I must agree.  He has a Facebook page and he gives us updates every day.  You can even drop by his office and he will entertain you. I send messages to him sometimes when our garbage collector is  not on schedule and he immediately responds.

I’ll be turning 60¬† 61 in two days¬† and this is a lovely gift for my birthday.

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