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I got curious so I waited for 12 noon to watch the newest show on ABS CBN called Win Na Win, a combination game and variety show hosted by Kris Aquino,  Robin Padilla, Pokwang, Valerie Cocepcion and  Mariel Rodriguez.  I understand it is the replacement of the previous one called Wowowee. ( Did I get the spelling right?).  I have seen Robin Padilla on the  previous show and blogged about the guy once or twice.  And Kris is…. Kris, she is everywhere and she is highly controversial so having the two of them around and together  would probably make the show a winner.  It’s their pilot episode and there were so many guest stars so it was a riot.   Kris says she and Pokwang has a certain chemistry  and Robin is  a girl’s darling.    Most of  Kris’ previous shows are really not that “pang-masa” so to speak so let’s see how she will fare when the real “masa” would troop to the show.  Would she be as effective for making people shed tears in gratitude ?   And they say there is a romance brewing between  Robin and Mariel.  Pokwang’s wit is priceless.   It’s something to look forward to in the coming days.

If you have time, watch it from 12pm to 3pm  Monday to Saturday.  Pilipinas, win na win!  Congratulations guys!


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