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I told you.  I don’t  watch TV that often.  Yesterday was an exception though because I was looking forward to watching Karen Davila,( an award-winning broadcast journalist) on  Headstart at ANC.  I discovered this program this week  and it’s a joy to find so many interesting personalities and topics.  This morning, they have Gang Badoy as guest, a bubbly personality who is also the creator of the Dear Noynoy page at Facebook.

Yesterday, it was Adel Tamano who kept me on my seat until the end of the show. I voted for the guy during the last election, one of the two candidates who didn’t belong to the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party  that I voted for.  He seemed a down-to-earth, no-nonsense and intelligent guy.  I felt bad that he was not included in the lineup of the senators who won.

He said that he resigned from the  Nacionalista Party (NP) because he disagreed with the things that happened during  the campaign, especially the black propaganda.  And he was referring to the black propaganda aimed against then presidential candidate, Noynoy.  If I heard it right, he said further that everyone in the NP camp knew about it.  In my  opinion, that led to the downfall of Manny Villar.  He said that they relied too much on the ads, the mudslinging didn’t help either.  He further added that  he has no political plans anymore and will focus more on his family.  Asked what he think about representing ex-PGMA  Arroyo and he laughed and said he’ll get stoned doing that.  He said that someone close to Arroyo asked him to become a lawyer and spokesman for CGMA.

I follow him on Twitter.  I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back and answered my tweet.   Good luck sir and God bless!

@adeltamano Really enjoyed your guesting at Headstart this morning. Am planning to write a blog about it. Thanks for a lovely discussion!

@arlene1027 Thank you Arlene. That is very kind  of you. Have a great day. 7:14 PM Jul 7th via web in reply to arlene1027


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I promised myself that I would start every first day of the month writing a blog but then I got engrossed  with all the news and happenings lately,  foremost of  which , is  the inaugural of Pres. Noynoy.    Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the number of visits to this site since I blogged about  P-Noy  a few days ago.  And for those not in the know,  the president himself asked all Filipinos to call him P-Noy, a rather informal way of course but the masses whom he wants to reach out to can relate to it, me included.  I’m kinda like the big bad wolf devouring all the news about him, be it on the internet , TV or over the radio.  Yes, I listen to the AM band early in the morning for the news while  watering the plants and at the same time watching our two dogs romp in the garden.   I’d like to think I am not alone because even the neighbors and street vendors I talked to were one in saying that they are optimistic about P-Noy being our new president.

And something that’s been a favorite topic, even at the dining table with the kids is the use of  wangwang (siren to you dear readers).  The past years, we’ve been so used  encountering people  using this device to get through traffic in the metropolis that  it has become a way of life and nobody is questioning why even the lowly politicians, and the big time personages in the government have it in their cars. Why, I am not  even aware of the true and legitimate users of these wangwang except the President, police force, ambulances and fire trucks.  Picture this, because  in the past, some people do get away with it.  You are stuck in traffic  and there is an ambulance at a distance and you hear this  wangwang, a signal for everyone to give way since it is probably an emergency.  Then some unscrupulous drivers veer away from the line of traffic and follow the ambulance  to save on precious minutes.  Isn’t it annoying?  Even in our subdivision, I sometimes hear  people riding in motorcycles making use of  it  and they are not even in uniform. I am glad, just glad that  P-noy is strictly implementing  the anti-wangwang campaign. It’s about time we are taught these simple lessons.

No limo, no counterflow. The president is serious about not using Malacanang’ s limousine on his sorties.  He  said that his car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, is bullet proof anyway so why waste so much on gas when  he  can save a little using his own car?  He was late  arriving at Camp Aguinaldo the other day because he was stuck in a  traffic jam for more than thirty minutes.  It must be a nightmare for the PSG but when people learned that the president was there (somewhere along EDSA), they were waving the Laban sign and seemed even glad that he was following what he was implementing.  He said that he would wake-up earlier so he would not get stuck in traffic.

I believe that there is still HOPE for all of us as long as we  make  promise to help even just in our own little way.  Kung gusto nating umunlad, kailangan din natin ang disciplina sa sarili. The next six years would probably be the start of a new and better Philippines.  I am optimistic, are you?

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Tomorrow would be another milestone in Philippine history. It’s the inauguration of our 15th President Benigno Aquino III. He will take his oath under Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales.  And here’s the list of the cabinet positions under the Aquino administration.

Gregorio Domingo – Department of Trade and Industry

Rogelio Singson – Public Works and Highways

Alberto Lim – Department of  Tourism

Rene Almendras  – Department of Energy

Edwin Lacierda – Presidential  Spokeman

Ping de Jesus – Transportation and Communication

Enrique Ona – Department of   Health

Rosalinda Baldoz – Labor Secretary

Proceso  Alcala – Department of Agriculture

Ramon Paje – Environment

Dr. Mario Montejo – Science and Technology

Alberto Romulo –  Department of Foreign Affairs

Ed de Mesa – Presidential Legal Counsel

Jing Deles – Peace Adviser

Cayetano  Paderanga – NEDA

Maj. Gen. Ric David – AFP Chief of Staff

Patricia Licuanan – CHED Chair

Dinky Soliman – DSWD Chief

Armin Luistro – Department of Education

Jojo Ochoa – Executive Secretary

Voltaire Gazmin – Secretary of Defense

Leila de Lima – Department  of Justice

Ramon Dizon – PSG  Chief

Butch Abad – Budget and Management

Julia Abad – Presidential Management Staff

Cesar Purisima – Secretary of Finance

Kim Henarez – BIR

Jesus Verozosa – PNP  Chief

Ramon Dizon – Presidential Security Group

Pres. Aquino will take the DILG post temporarily and the  head of Media and Communications group is still to be named.

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Election 2010.  Today marks another milestone in our history as a people and as a nation.  Let us show to the whole world that we are still capable of  choosing one who is deserving of our respect, support   and belief that he could lead us once more to a better Philippines.

We were at the precincts as early as 7am and it took the four of us (hubby, my two kids and me)  more than an hour waiting in line just to vote.  It is a small sacrifice though on our part compared to a greater purpose of electing somebody who truly deserves to win.  We are still lucky compared to most voters ,  since our  precincts are located in the clubhouse of our subdivision.  We don’t have to go to those jam-packed school rooms to cast our votes.  It is quite disheartening though to hear fellow voters complaining of the heat and some going home as early as 8:30am because they have to face a long line.  Let us do our share and be counted.

We are still voting manually,   what has changed is the counting of our votes, but at least we are on the road to full automation. Birth pains are always unavoidable. Let us give COMELEC a chance.  I am praying we will all succeed in this great endeavour.

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