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As soon as the door opens,

She does cartwheels

Then reach out her two front paws

She wants a cuddle

That’s our lovely Cookie.

Oreo comes next

Burying his head on my lap

A few back rubs is enough.

Noki gets jealous at times

He wags his tail

But Oreo barks at him

A bigger dog that he is

He just keeps quiet

Trying to say, “give me a few moments please”.

When it’s just the two us

He raises his four paws

Up in the air

Swooning over a few touches.

They say dogs are man’s best friends

Certainly, I do agree.

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I had the chance to take more  shots of Cookie early this morning. What a joy to catch her in different poses.

She is quite behaved here.

Practicing looking at the mirror….haha! Are you vain Cookie?

Clingy type. She always wants to be cuddled.

She has definitely grown. She is three weeks with us now.

Look at that fan-like fur. So smooth to the touch.

Would you believe that she cries when Jovy washes her face and her bottom.  She couldn’t take a full bath yet at her age.  Both she and Oreo have more shots last Saturday.

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Josef and Jovy were on leave today from work. They bought some groceries for us and the Samgyupsal grill. I had chicken, pork, and several kilos of fish and some veggies delivered today with no extra charge. I am glad that the seller took time to make a price list of what I ordered and printed it. They have vacuum-sealed everything except the veggies. That’s what I call good service. At last, I found a seller who is also after the convenience of the buyer. I haven’t eaten fish for almost two months now because I could not find someone who sells them fresh at least…. until this morning.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner with everything grilled. The samgyupsal tasted so good with all those side dishes and sausages plus the fresh Romaine lettuce. The thing is, it is a little hard to clean the grill.

This afternoon, Josef and Jovy brought the three furry loves to the animal clinic. They have to go back to fetch Noki for his anti-rabies injection. Cookie has her five in one shots and they told me that the vet calls her Taba. During the week that she stayed with us, she gained weight. Taba means fat…hehe! Oreo is now done with the eight in one shots. Actually, all three of them have gained weight especially Noki. He is not used riding in the car so he held on to Josef on their way to the vet’s clinic. Cookie just went to sleep when they reached home. She is well-behaved unlike Oreo, short of opening the door by himself, he keeps jumping every time the two arrive home. He knows the sound of the gate opening.

I was busy, haha! Busy reading.

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He had his fur trimmed late this afternoon. they have to go to the vet’s clinic late so there won’t be so many people around.

It’s the best trim I’ve ever seen so far. Before, he had shorter trim than this because his hair had lots of tangles when it stays long. Hmm…he smells so good. The dog shampoo they used smells heavenly. Pet grooming at its best.

Best pose Oreo?  The whiskers are defined…haha!

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What About Me?

Hmm…never mind the humans as long as Oreo has his stock of dog food. He just love Dentastix.

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I was quietly reading when he came barking his heart out. Then he noticed our glass sliding doors and he saw two dogs, he stopped for a while and faced me. He went out of the room and  got his small doggie toy.

“A peace offering”? I asked.

He then positioned himself at the edge of the bed and looked at me.

“Oh, you’re sorry you are barking out loud”, I said. Look at his eyes, he seems sorry enough. I have to cuddle him and he licked my arms.

We’re friends again.

That’s Oreo….bow!

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Finally found time to take a few shots of our  half-breed Rottweiler pup and Soo Kee, our old dog.  It’s always a joy to play with them – romping in the garden, resting in the hammock  and just following you around wherever you go.  And this quote best describe how a dog loves us:

I talk to him when I’m lonesome like; and I’m sure he understands.  When he looks at me attentively, and gently licks my hands;

then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat.

For the good Lord knows i can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that…W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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Every afternoon, after watering the plants, I always  spend my time perched  on our hammock, looking at the world and the clouds passing by.

And this scene is normally what I see, the clear blue sky.

One would be lucky enough to see those maya birds  balancing themselves on the Meralco lines, seemingly enjoying  the peace and quiet.

We have finally trimmed the grass after more than a month of planting.

And the earthly scent is intoxicating, this is what I love about gardens,  one finds peace while digging, one finds happiness just being here.

And Mama Mary’s image adds a lovely touch  to the sound of flowing water from the small pond.

My home, my sanctuary  –

I sometimes find myself updating my journal here or just reading a favorite book.

And I am waiting for these bromeliads to bloom.

Hmm….another favorite spot, my small water fountain and these anthuriums and aglonaemas add a wonderful touch.

Our dog Soo Kee, an uncomplaining companion.  We  always enjoy a romp together on the hammock.

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I know,  I know,  it doesn’t sound so original but every time I see our pet dog, I am reminded of  Marley and Me. It is a story of James Grogan’s  yellow  Labrador Retriever, a high-strung, active and destructive dog, but I am not telling you about Marley, you probably have read the book and watched the movie a long time ago.  Soo Kee is a “she” and has been with us for the past three  months.  We thought at first she was a  true breed Chihuahua but it turned out that she is a mixed bred of a native dog, and yes, a Chihuahua.  How she has grown and I am not exaggerating that she is truly lovable,  she doesn’t complain when she is tied to the dog house at night, not even a murmur of protest can be heard.  And I thought, she is too good to be true.  Our favorite romping ground is of course the garden.   She was so startled when she saw the three Pangasius fish swimming in our small pond.   Dogs could be such darlings when they are well-disciplined.   Every time I sit on the hammock, she would want to be there and be cuddled.   Every time I go out, she would gently open the gate with her paw and  ease out her body and wait for just a clap of the hand,  a signal that she could come along.  And every time  we snap on her  leash, either it is bath time for her or a little exercise outside the house.  It has become my habit during the past months to talk to her like she is human.   Eyes alert, with  her tail curled as always and her ears seemingly listening to what I am saying, I wondered  if  she really understand. Hubby said, “What if she answers and  say, “yes, ma’am”, ” what would you do?” I burst out laughing and told him, “That would be a miracle”.

And here’s the big question, do dogs smile like we do?  I  don’t think so, they just look at you with adoring eyes and wag their tails nonstop  until you touch and cuddle them.  That is your reward and haven’t we always heard this adage, that a dog is man’s best friend?

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